Moss Ceilings: A New Way to Bring Nature Indoors

For over 30 years we have championed the benefits of using moss in interior environments and our award-winning designs can be found in several businesses across the UK.

As the popularity of this tactile material continues to grow, we wanted to take the trend one step further and are delighted to announce that we now offer moss ceiling installation.

What is a moss ceiling panel?

What are the benefits of moss ceiling panels?

What colours are available?

How long will a moss ceiling last?

What sizes are available?

How much does a moss ceiling cost?

How long will it take to install?

What is a moss ceiling panel?

Moss ceiling panels are an innovative new product that can change the aesthetic of your interior. Moss ceiling panels are made of real moss that is preserved and set into a panel. The panels are then installed on the ceiling, creating a unique and refreshing look.

What are the benefits of moss ceiling panels?

Moss ceiling panels have several benefits, including:


Minimal maintenance requirements

The moss is treated to preserve it using a natural mineral process. This means it does not grow or need any looking after.

Fire retardant

Our moss ceilings are fire retardant, making them a safe and stylish addition to any space. (Certificate A2-S1,d0 – classed as a non-combustible material in Scotland)

Sound absorption qualities

Reindeer moss has been proven to reduce noise levels by up to 10dB with an absorption rating of 0.96. This moss is dense and tightly packed making it ideal for improving acoustics in any interior environment.

Made from sustainable materials

The moss used in our ceiling tiles is a sustainable resource that is harvested by hand from the forest floor and is 100% biodegradable.

What colours are available?

Moss ceiling panels come in four beautiful colourways:


Forest Green

Lime Green

Medium Green

Mixed Moss: Forest, Medium and Lime Green

How long will a moss ceiling last?

Provided it is not subject to physical damage or a drastic change in conditions, a moss ceiling should last indefinitely and many of our original moss installations continue to delight our clients to the present day.

In the unlikely event that your moss ceiling ever needs a little refurbishment, or if it does get damaged, we can provide a speedy one-off repair service.

What sizes are available?

Currently, only 58.5×58.5cm sizes are available.

Not suitable for your ceiling? We have a wide variety of alternative ways we can seamlessly incorporate moss in your space. 

The design possibilities with Nordik Moss are endless. You can frame it like a picture, transform a whole wall, or even incorporate it into furniture. We can create patterns, words, or logos, on flat, contoured or 3D surfaces, and you can choose from a beautiful spectrum of colours. Whatever your vision, our team can put it on the wall for all to see.

Our teams carefully craft your bespoke moss installations by hand, tuft by tuft, to bring your vision to life. With its flexibility and longevity, Nordik Moss can be used in just about any interior space. It is light weight and easy to install, with no complex wall structures required.

For more information, download our free Nordik Moss Brochure.

How much does a moss ceiling cost?

The cost of installing a moss ceiling in your building will depend on your location and size of your space. Please get in touch for a free quotation from a member of our friendly team.

How long will it take to install?

Most installations are carried out within 4 or 5 weeks from order and the installation itself should only take an hour or two.

From your very first contact with our design consultants, until installation of your moss ceiling and beyond, our friendly team will maintain a consistent line of contact with you so that you know what to expect throughout.  

We provide a complete service package including planning, creation, installation and maintenance. We pride ourselves in working tidily and with minimal disruption to business.

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to read an interview with Design Director, Tracey Forbes who shared her experiences of working with Benholm.

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