At Benholm, we use care and creativity to create plant and flower displays that will help make your office a more beautiful place to be. After all, we get to enjoy them every day, so you should too.

Fabulous first impression for visitors 

We’ll help you to embody your brand ethos; we are bursting with creative ideas to bring your brand and environment to life, and because we’ve got a wider range of solutions than almost anyone else in the market we can design a solution unique for you. 

Vibrant and healthy working environment 

Your people are important, you want to show that you care. We’ll create a working space that your team will enjoy day after day, helping clean the office air and improving wellbeing through the power of plants. Bring the outdoors indoors. 

Office Plants and Flowers

Nothing brightens up the workplace more than our selection of office plants and flowers, available across Scotland and the wider UK. Whether it’s internal plants and flowers for the office itself, a jaw-dropping floral welcome wall at reception, or even a tropical looking rooftop terrace for company gatherings – there is nothing our design team can’t do.

Office Green Walls and Moss Walls

With real plants, a green wall for your office can quite literally be a breath of fresh air. Even with our authentic looking artificial plants, they bring the freedom of the outdoors inside. Alternatively, preserved moss walls create stunning modern focal points that require no water or care and can even be incorporated into office furniture. Our very own Nordik Moss is a natural, sustainable material than can also be coloured for endless design possibilities.

Plant and Floral Design Service

With our incredible range of office plants and flowers, not to mention the living walls, it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, our design team have worked with countless brands and businesses to create a plant and floral interior design that complements what you do, and the space you do it in. Whoever and wherever you are, we can bring your vision to life.
Edinburgh city centre office plaza landscaped with tall Prunus trees and planting in raised flower beds

Landscaping and Maintenance

As much as we love designing beautiful indoor and outdoor plant and floral displays, we know not everyone has fingers as green as ours, that’s why we offer a wide range of office landscaping services, as well as maintenance plans for both indoor and outdoor plants and flowers. All delivered to the highest standards, so your office plants and flowers stay as vibrant as the day they arrived.

Our visitors regularly comment on the wonderful displays that Benholm created for us.  In particular, the tree!  It is simply stunning.  You made great use of our space without adding too much expense.

Operations Manager, Social Media Company, Glasgow HQ

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be 

A quick look at our gallery and testimonials demonstrates why you can have confidence in us. We’re at the forefront of the latest trends so you’ll have plenty of amazing ideas to select from, and with nearly 30 years of experience you can rely on usAnd what’s more, we’re a great team to work with – we’re a family business that treats our clients as part of our family. 

We make planting easy for you

Our accreditations and longevity tell you that we’re a partner you can trust, but more than that, we work hard to make your job easy. You’re involved in all decisions through design, implementation and ongoing maintenance. We go the extra mile. 

Outdoor Plants, Flowers and Topiary

First impressions matter, and we are every bit as passionate about creating impactful outdoor plant and floral displays as indoor ones. And while cultivating, curating and caring for external foliage is a world apart from handling internal plants and flowers, you could say our expert team know both skillsets ‘inside-out’. This allows us to create a consistently exceptional end-to-end experience that will impress visitors and colleagues throughout your business. Starting before they set foot inside and continuing even after they leave.
Infographic showing the benfits of biophilic design for offices

Biophilic Design for Offices

Biophilic design is on the rise in offices and other workplaces, and for good reason. Plants and flowers don’t just look nice, they make us feel good too. There is a strong, proven connection between office plants and flowers and workplace wellness. From decreased stress to improved productivity and engagement, Biophilic design brings positive plant power to your place of work.

If you are looking for attractive office planting arrangements then look no further than, family owned, Benholm Plants.  You are assured of an exceptional, personal service, with designs tailor-made to suit your office space and your ideas.  With a high quality range of plants, a friendly service and competitive pricing, Benholm Plants are very hard to beat and I would highly recommend them!

Facilities Manager, Edinburgh

We care about the planet 

We work hard to find sustainable solutions, such as replacing peat with our very own Enviroculture, as well as reducing our ‘flower miles’ wherever possible. By using us you can have confidence that we’re helping to reduce your environmental impact. 

Let Your Creativity Blossom

Contact our design team to discuss the plant and floral possibilities for your unique workplace and get a free tailored quote.

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