At Benholm, we provide an unrivalled range of real and artificial plants across Scotland and wider UK – carefully nurtured in our own greenhouses or sourced from our artificial plant design partners. Our clients trust in us to deliver the finest range of varied plant species for offices, retail, hospitality, the public sector and more. From the smallest single order to bespoke plant displays and Biophillic interior design, our commitment to care and creativity can be felt in everything we do.


Modern office reception area with live Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai specimen plant in tall tapered square designer container, plant

Real Plants

We offer one of the widest selections of real plants and displays in Scotland and the wider UK. From adding a touch of green to your workspace to transforming bars and restaurants into urban jungles, there’s no limit to how big your planting scheme can grow with Benholm. And thanks to our global reach, we are able to grow a range of domestic and exotic real plants in our very own greenhouses, to make even the wildest green dreams possible.

St Andrews gastropub Rogue’s speakeasy style enhanced by lush artificial greenery draped from lights, walls and ceilings

Artificial Plants

Our incredibly realistic artificial plant displays will delight and confuse your customers, clients and colleagues. Choosing artificial plants is an ideal option for high traffic and low light environments, or simply anywhere you’d like beautiful greenery you can set and forget. At Benholm, our artificial plant displays use the most natural looking and durable products to ensure a truly special look that requires no special care or attention.
Large silver planters filled with colourful plants leading up to the entrance of a modern head office building

Outdoor Planters & Topiary

With our careful topiary craftmanship, along with a broad range of exterior plant species and attractive containers, we can create outdoor areas that will suit any style or purpose you desire. From impactful displays for guests on arrival, to relaxing rooftop gardens for your staff – we can quite literally design bespoke outdoor plant displays from the ground up and deliver them to the highest level.


Benholm is Scotland’s leading supplier of fully maintained commercial hanging baskets. Our dedicated team have designed, delivered and continue to care for hundreds of hanging baskets and window boxes across the country. And we are all delighted to enable our pub, restaurant, and hotel clients to create a truly special experience for their guests externally, just as much as within their premises

Benholm plant maintenance technician watering a live plant as part of the comprehensive regular maintenance service

Plant Maintenance Plans

When enhancing your business with plants, you want to protect your investment. Whether indoor or outdoor, real plants can require the right care and attention, delivered at optimal intervals. But we know your attention has enough demands already. That’s why we have a range of care plan options for all your plants on site. So, whether you’d like to buy your plants outright and add on a maintenance plan, or you’d prefer a rental package of plants and maintenance to avoid a capital outlay, we have the flexibility to meet your needs. With free replacement plants should any ever need refreshing.

The Plant Design Process

We put the same care and creativity that goes into growing our plants, into designing, installing and maintaining them for you. Our expert team will visit you personally as part of the design process. By being there in person, we can fully understand environment, recommend the most suitable plants for your unique location, and provide a detailed proposal to help you to visualise the optimal design for your space.

The plants have just been delivered and they are perfect.  We love them and, without knowing it, they are exactly what the office has been missing! Thank you so much for your help in getting it right – the recommendations were spot on.

Best regards, Roisin | Wealthflow, Grangemouth
Large live Ficus trees and plenty of natural daylight – great examples of Biophilic Design in high-traffic spaces


What is biophilic design? Biophilic design is the incorporation of nature and natural elements into the ‘built’ environment. You’ve probably already felt the benefits of it without even realising. Today it can be found anywhere from offices and hotels to the interior design and external landscaping of peoples homes or public spaces.

Artificial foliage planted in wooden troughs incorporated into a timber divider wall in a modern office breakout area
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Natural live bonsai-style Ficus Microcarpa trees in lead-effect containers create a relaxing informal meeting space

Plant Inspiration
for your Industry

Whether you’re looking for real or artificial plants, get inspired with products and bespoke plant display ideas for your industry.


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