Bannerman’s Edinburgh bespoke sign incorporating reclaimed barrel staves, Nordik Moss and back-lit Jack Daniels branding


Branded Plants and Florals

We bring the power of nature to your brand with plants, floral displays, and more. Our bold designs bring out the best in any venues to ensure your brand is showcased in a way that maximises consumer engagement, motivates them to share their branded experience, and leaves a lasting positive impression.

October’s Ultimate Chambord selfie spot! Woman in vintage bath overflowing with pink and white roses, fun phone, flamingo
Grey Goose vodka branded panels to zone outdoor dining space decorated with artificial plants and blue and white florals

Design & Construction

Our talented design and construction teams can create custom branded structures from scratch, allowing you to make the most of any event space or venue. We know that to create a lasting impression in today’s competitive landscape, brands can’t compromise with off-the-shelf solutions. At Benholm, we work with you to create one-off branded plant and floral installations that showcase the uniqueness of your brand.
Bespoke selfie wall for Brodies’ event at Gleneagles Hotel with green wall, Nordik Moss tennis ball and live Kentia palms

Floral Selfie Walls

Indoor or outdoor, nothing creates impact quite like a branded floral selfie wall. Not only do they look incredible, they bring serious benefits to your promotional activities. These eye-catching branded floral displays pull in passing foot traffic, enhance the experience of consumers and guests, and boost the reach of your brand activity through their irresistibly instagramable look. Want one at your next event? Go on, #doitforthegram.

Outdoor Drinking & Dining

From a floral alfresco dining experience to a pop-up bar in full bloom, we not only provide branded plants and flowers but furniture and collateral too. Whether you want to create space that’s permanent or seasonal, we’ll help you make an impression that lasts all year long. We also supply a fantastic range of outdoor dining furniture and parasols for hospitality, combining style, comfort and durability. Perfectly complemented by our plant and floral creations.

French style bistro pavement café outdoor dining at Glaschu in Glasgow with lush planters and bespoke branded banners
Chambord branded bespoke artificial foliage wall with pink flowers, neon signage and gold frame in Glasgow cocktail bar

Floral Inspiration for your Brand

Get inspired ahead of your next big brand event! Check out the branded plant and floral displays we’ve already created for some of the biggest brands in the world.


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