Are moss walls maintenance free?

One of the beautiful features of a preserved Nordik Moss wall is that it is virtually maintenance free. This is quite different to the maintenance requirements of a living wall.

Living Walls versus Preserved Moss Walls

Living walls are stunning, living, changing vertical landscapes but they do require consistent, intelligent and careful maintenance to ensure they thrive. To carry this out properly, on a regular basis, is not inexpensive and sometimes involves specialist access equipment for larger walls.

So, in answer to the question which is often asked, “Are moss walls maintenance free?”, when compared with a living wall, the answer is yes, they are very low-maintenance.

Why is Nordik Moss virtually maintenance free?

Nordik Moss is a real, live species of moss that has been treated with a specialist, natural preserving process after being sustainably harvested from it’s natural habitat. This results in a product that:

  • Does not continue to grow
  • Will not die
  • Looks like it is still fresh and living
  • Requires no watering

Preserved Nordik Moss reacts to the relative humidity of the air in the space in which it is located. The optimal RH level for Nordik Moss is between 40% to 80% and this ensures the moss stays soft, springy and flexible. If the RH drops below this level the moss becomes more brittle and can break if handled roughly. However, if the humidity levels are restored the moss will return to it’s natural, soft texture again without causing any long-term damage to it.

Do Nordik Moss walls require any maintenance?

Nordik Moss walls are virtually maintenance free because they need no regular watering or specialist care. An inexpensive maintenance package is recommended to ensure your Nordik Moss wall is kept in peak condition. This includes regular checks, some light dusting and small repairs as and when needed.

A specialist repair service is also available should the wall be damaged in some way and our maintenance teams can effect a repair that is very hard to see once it is finished.

If you’d like to see the Nordik Moss product in real life please contact us today.

Dialog Semi-conductors bespoke panel sign of different tones of green Nordik moss encased in wooden frames
Wrap-around Nordik Moss panel mounted around a corner with two green moss colours creating a diagonal shape
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