Huge 50 sq m green wall of artificial plants, Nordik Moss and Morrisons supermarket branding welcomes visitors at Gyle Shopping Centre Edinburgh


At Benholm, we offer bespoke plant and floral designs that transform any retail space into a happy place, where customers and staff can shop and work in inspired relaxation.


Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Draceana LemonLime and Kentia Palm in designer geometric planters bring shopping centre to life

Plant and Florals for Retail

Nothing transforms the shopping experience like bespoke plants and florals for your retail space. Whether a store front window, welcome wall, checkouts, changing rooms or anywhere else, there is nothing we can’t do. Our product range, inhouse designers, and installation team promise plant and floral designs that help your retail space catch more eyes and captivate attention for longer.

Bespoke branded artificial rose and thistle floral wall for Mercedes Benz Edinburgh car showroom handover area

Green and floral walls for retail

Nothing creates natural impact in retail interior design like a green wall or moss wall. Using living or artificial plants, green walls let your customers feel the freedom of the outdoors in-store. Plus, our Nordik Moss walls are made from sustainable preserved moss that can be coloured and handcrafted to create bespoke designs of any scale.

Beautiful green wall with swathes of varied artificial plants and Nordik Moss welcomes shoppers at Gyle Centre Edinburgh
Trailing mixed artificial foliage cascades from bespoke hanging troughs high above retail units at Gyle Centre Edinburgh

Plant and Floral Design Service

With our incredible range of plants and florals for retail, as well as green wall options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, our design team has worked with countless retailers across Scotland and the wider UK. They will bring your retail vision to life with plant and floral retail design that perfectly complements both what you do and the space you do it in.

Planted screens with uniform Dracaena Compacta plants in white containers create biophilic divisions in Audi car showroom

Biophilic Retail Store Design

Biophilic design in any space has positive effects, but using plants and flowers in retail spaces can be especially beneficial. Our team will work with you to design a soothing shopping environment for your customers. With Biophilic retail design, we can create a relaxing retail experience that encourages shoppers to stay longer, feel happier, and ultimately increase their spend per visit.

Rox Jewellery High Street retail store with perfectly manicured topiary in tall grey planters flanking the entrance
A tall touchless hand sanitiser unit at the entry of a sleek buffet dining space planted with a lush green plant

Enhanced PPE for Retail Spaces

Using PPE to keep people safe in store is now standard practice, but that doesn’t mean you need to take the most standard approach. We’ve created beautiful plant and floral touches to enhance the look of your PPE. This lets you keep your retail environment safe, without ruining the shopping experience for your customers. With plant and floral PPE enhancements you can ensure customers stand apart while your store stands out from competitors too.

Benholm plant maintenance technician watering a live zamioculcas plant in a tall stainless steel planter

Plant and Floral Maintenance

We know how busy life in retail can be. You have enough to do each day delivering the best service possible for your customers, so we want to deliver the same to you. That’s why we offer a choice of reliable ongoing plant and floral maintenance plans for our retail store clients. So you and your team don’t need to lift a finger, and your plants and florals will deliver the same wow-factor for every customer who walks through your doors.

All is well thank you and settling into the new showroom after the initial change and expected snagging list. The plants are great and have really helped change the feel and appearance of our showroom.

Retailer Principle, Skoda Showroom

Let Your Creativity Blossom

Contact our design team to discuss the endless possibilities our plant and florals for retail could bring to your store layout atmosphere and get a free tailored quote.


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