Benholm head office with lush greenery and plants on the outside

Benholm is a family business, not just in ownership but in attitude. We value lasting relationships, nurturing them as we do our plants and flowers. We can’t wait to welcome you to our growing clan, and in the meantime, you can get to know us a little better below.

Black and white old family photo, plants company

Our roots run deep

Although Benholm was founded in 1993, our family’s connection with nature can be traced all the way back to our great grandfather, in the late 1800s. He was an industrious smallholder who used his horticultural passion and skill to build a thriving market gardening operation in Ratho, Edinburgh. Fast forward over a hundred years and would you believe it, our head office is just twenty minutes from his original smallholding.

At home amongst nature

As a team who embrace creativity and nature in our work every day, we felt the home of our business should reflect that ethos. The Benholm head office is nestled in a beautiful rural location near Falkirk in Central Scotland. The premises embrace the local architectural style and utilise a range of eco-friendly initiatives – from biomass boiler heating to rainwater harvesting. It really is the perfect setting for us to respect our rich national and family heritage while working to create a brighter and more sustainable future.

Growing global

Benholm might be based in Scotland, but over our 30-year history we have grown a global network of growers. Not least in Holland, where we are proud to maintain Scotland’s longstanding horticultural trading history. These relationships, along with our well-connected Central Scotland head office location, allow us to import and deliver some of the world’s most exotic plants and flowers to our customers across the UK.

Falkirk: Forever a floral hub

Our home is not only logistically connected, but historically entrenched. Falkirk lies at the heart of Scotland’s horticultural heritage. It is birthplace to one of the world’s most intrepid plant hunters, George Forrest (1873–1932). And while he is long gone, his tales of navigating the perils of the wilderness, overcoming tropical diseases and surviving near starvation, are legendary. While our days are not so dangerous, we still use several of the 1200 plants he discovered along the way, to keep alive Falkirk’s age-old tradition of care and creativity in the plant and floral world


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