Green walls and Nordik Moss

Nothing makes a statement quite like bespoke green walls or moss walls from Benholm. Whether living or artificial, you can practically feel green walls and moss walls breathing life into indoor and outdoor spaces. And more than just looking good, they’re ideal for softening acoustics of a room and unlocking biophilic benefits in contemporary interior design.

Thanks to our global network of growers and manufacturers, and our inhouse design team, we can create modern foliage focal points that are truly unique. Letting you bring the outdoors in, with green walls and moss walls tailored to your environment and vision.

Living Green Walls

We offer bespoke green wall design and installation across Scotland and the wider UK. As ethical as they are aesthetically pleasing, the plants in your green wall actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere, enriching the air with oxygen. Our global network of growers gives us a range of plants to choose from that allows us to design green walls to complement any setting and industry.


Artificial Green Walls

The authentic look and feel of our artificial plants make it possible to bring the striking visual effect of artificial green walls to spaces where living green walls would not survive. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas, low light environments, or anywhere difficult to access for maintenance. Just as with all our artificial green walls we use the most natural looking and durable products available to ensure a truly special look that requires no special care or attention.

Our wall looks lovely, very impactful and just what we were after. Thanks so much to you and your team. We’ll definitely keep you in mind for future projects.

Nordik Moss Walls

Moss walls are becoming increasingly popular as a highly versatile, low-maintenance, interior green wall option. Benholm’s bespoke Nordik Moss walls are in high demand among private customers, corporate clients, and leading UK interior designers who want something spectacular for their space.

These preserved moss walls are seen as a best of ‘both option’. They don’t grow, so require less care than traditional green walls but still offer similar wellness and Biophilic benefits. Plus, our preserved Nordik Moss walls can be coloured to give your unique focal point even more impact. The design possibilities are near limitless. So your ideal green wall, might not be green after all!

Green Ceilings?…

Take your green wall to an even higher level, with a green ceiling! After all, what is a ceiling but a wall above our heads. With the Benholm design and installation team the sky is literally the limit for your green wall.

Dundee Mexican restaurant Muchacho, bright and eclectic with green ceiling of artificial ivy foliage and feature lights

Green Wall Inspiration for your Industry

Get green wall inspiration for your industry! Discover how our bespoke living, artificial and preserved green walls are already creating impact in public and commercial spaces in Scotland and across the UK.

Explore Nordik Moss

Discover more about the amazing properties and design possibilities of Benholm’s unique Nordik Moss.


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