Nordik Moss by Benholm gives you a huge range of beautiful, natural, creative possibilities for your green walls. This specially preserved natural moss is ideal for defining and enhancing interior spaces. From feature walls and framed panels to logo cut-outs and shapes, our virtually maintenance-free designs guarantee long-lasting impact in any room.

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Why use Nordik Moss Walls?

Highly Versatile

The design possibilities with Nordik Moss are endless. You can frame it like a picture, transform a whole wall, or even incorporate it into furniture. We can create patterns, words, or logos, on flat, contoured or 3D surfaces, and you can choose from a beautiful spectrum of colours. Whatever your vision, our team can put it on the wall for all to see.

Low Maintenance

Nordik Moss is a preserved natural product. It doesn’t grow, so you do not have to worry about watering, trimming, or sunlight. Just sit back and enjoy. Plus, it’s fire safe, resistant to discolouration and hypoallergenic. And if your Nordik Moss ever needs a little refurbishment, we can provide a speedy one-off repair service.

Acoustic Balance

Not only does Nordik Moss look good, but it also makes spaces less noisy too. It has excellent sound-absorbing properties, helping dampen noise and improve working conditions in almost any indoor environment.

Sustainable Material

Nordik Moss includes a range of different natural mosses to choose from. It’s a sustainable material, harvested by hand from the forest floor, and is 100% biodegradable. We then preserve it using natural minerals, to stop it growing and maintain its fresh look.

Beautiful Spaces

Our teams carefully craft your bespoke moss installations by hand, tuft by tuft, to bring your vision to life. With its flexibility and longevity, Nordik Moss can be used in just about any interior space. It is light weight and easy to install, with no complex wall structures required.

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It can be used to great effect for instance in office reception areas and meeting rooms, in public spaces such as waiting areas and hallways, and in commercial buildings, such as shopping centres, hotels and showrooms, as well as in high-end residential projects.

Nordik Moss Inspiration for your Industry

Get Nordik Moss inspiration for your industry! Discover how this unique natural material is grabbing attention in public and commercial spaces in Scotland and across the UK.



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