How long does a moss wall last?

While living moss walls can, in theory, live for around 25 years, they require a large amount of maintenance to stay alive for that long.

At Benholm, our Moss Walls are expertly created using 100% biodegradable Nordik Moss harvested by hand from the forest floor.

The moss is then preserved with natural minerals to stop it from growing and retain it’s natural state – allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy. As an added bonus, they are also fire safe, resistant to discolouration and hypoallergenic.

Provided it is not subject to physical damage or a drastic change in conditions in which it is kept, a moss wall should last indefinitely and many of our original installations continue to delight our clients to the present day.

Considerations to make before arranging a moss wall installation:

· Excessive Heat/Sunlight

Moss walls should be located away from heat sources such as radiators or areas where they would be subject to extreme direct sunlight. Whilst this shouldn’t affect the moss wall visually, excessive heat can cause the moss to become dry and brittle making it more susceptible to accidental damage.

· Humidity

Moss is a natural humidity indicator. Moss should feel fairly soft but will dry out when the humidity in a room drops below 40%.

This makes them unsuitable for wet or very humid areas with poor ventilation such as pool-sides and saunas as this can cause the moss to sweat making the colours run or fade.

· Potential for human damage

Care should be taken in high traffic areas where they are likely to be brushed against or bumped into as it is a natural product and can be damaged. They are also undeniably tempting to touch and are not recommended in areas where children may be left unsupervised.

In the unlikely event that a Nordik Moss Wall ever needs a little refurbishment, or if it does get damaged, our friendly maintenance team can provide a speedy one-off repair service.

Although Nordik Moss walls are virtually maintenance free because they need no regular watering or specialist care, a regular six-monthly minimal maintenance visit is still advised to ensure your Nordik Moss wall is kept in peak condition. This includes regular checks, some light dusting and small repairs as and when needed.

Still want to learn more? Click here to see a gallery of our Moss Walls and living walls in action and have a look at our previous blog where we answer interior designers most common moss wall questions.

If you are thinking of installing a moss wall in your space, we would love to help you bring your idea to life. We provide a complete service package including; planning, creation, installation and ongoing maintenance.

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