Benholm Group exhibiting at #DesignPopUp Glasgow

Benholm Group are honoured to be one of the exhibitors at the #DesignPopUp Event which will be taking place in Glasgow on Wednesday 29 – Thursday 30, September 2021.  

The event will be held at Platform Glasgow (formerly known as The Arches). It’s a vibrant and architecturally notable city-centre venue found under Glasgow’s bustling Central Station.

#DesignPopUp 2-day exhibitions deliver an exciting, innovative platform for Interior Designers to explore the latest products for the market in a relaxed, welcoming and synergistic environment.

Benholm will be making #DesignPopUp Glasgow even more beautiful with trees, flowers and plants.

We’ve supported this event for two years and we’re thrilled to be involved in the event again this year for its comeback after covid.

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Give your venue insta-wow with a bespoke selfie-spot

Every day, your customers are taking photos when visiting your business – whilst travelling, whilst eating, whilst enjoying nights out, and even when shopping – and their camera is always at hand. But is your business reaping the benefit?

By engaging with customers, and encouraging them to tag your company on social media in a creative and fun way, you can increase engagement and – most importantly – boost footfall. That’s why when it comes to growing your customer base and brand awareness, a selfie-spot can be a crucial element of your business strategy.

A bespoke, floral feature or selfie wall is a designated area where guests are encouraged to take photos and share them on social media using a hashtag dedicated to your business – it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow and differentiate your business.

With a bespoke selfie-spot you can create an exciting area that customers will gravitate towards. People have an innate affinity with nature, and are drawn to it, so using florals, foliage and greenery are a fantastic way to incorporate nature into the design of your selfie wall and to bring the outdoors in.

The world’s most recognised brands, A-list events, and hotels have all used nature as a backdrop in many different ways. Selfie walls and feature spaces, when branded, ensure customers are automatically mentioning your company every time they upload an image and share their experience with their social network.

Your customers want to post great content on their social media accounts, and they’re always on the lookout for an interesting backdrop to make photos pop in their feeds. By providing that background, you’re increasing brand awareness with a stream of social media content. With each selfie posted in front of your background; a new audience opens up as your customer’s own social networks are introduced to your brand.

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An important consideration is the placement of your selfie-spot. A well-designed feature should take into account spaces where people can move around freely without blocking doorways, entrances or safety exits. It should be a safe and stress-free area for customers to enjoy and have fun in.

You can add props to a selfie wall to make it even more engaging, seating for example, like a swinging chair or bench, or feature lighting. Add a subtle twinkle of fairy lights or neon lighting for maximum impact in a dark area.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got an empty space available. If your space is at a premium, creative use of ceilings, bathrooms or even hanging installations which free up wall and floor space can still provide the perfect insta-fabulous backdrop.

They will also free up staff time – it’s great that your customers want to take a photo in your business, but do you want your employees to interrupt their responsibilities to be photographers? Having a selfie wall makes your employee’s time more efficient, focusing on helping customers and increasing sales.

If you would like to engage with your customers, increase footfall to your venue and make a statement in the most creative of ways, then get in touch. Benholm Group can design and install a bespoke selfie-spot for your brand and help you become more insta-fabulous!

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In the News! Benholm Group’s collaboration on biophilic, planted paradise La Chambre Verte

We are delighted to share with you press coverage of Benholm’s recent collaboration on ‘La Chambre Verte’ a unique, immersive hotel room experience filled with lush planting and host of other delights.

For over 25 years, we have pioneered the use of plants for interiors, not only as an eye-catching focal point, but also to promote the natural health benefits that being surrounded by plants can bring.

Known as ‘Biophilic Design’, the use of plants in providing cleaner air and connecting us with nature, when coupled with natural light, certain colours, acoustics, and fragrances has long been proven to have a positive effect on both mental and physical wellbeing. And after this year of lockdown, the importance of green spaces in improving our mental health has never been more pertinent. This concept has now been brought to the forefront of luxury hotel design with our collaboration with Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel, Luxury Skincare brand La Rue Verte and award-winning DJ Brian D’Souza. Each expert in their field has combined to create a multi-sensory, luxury bedroom spa experience incorporating biophilic plant design, CBD rituals, meditation and sound therapy.

Echoing the practice of forest-bathing, an ancient Japanese process of relaxation, La Chambre Verte encourages guests to unwind in the green space of their hotel room, while observing nature’s beauty; to feel stress levels reduced happiness increased, and importantly, have a better night’s sleep.

Our experienced design consultants were chosen to bring the room to life with lush greenery, to ensure that all plant species would thrive in the climactic conditions of the room and contribute to guests achieving the perfect night’s sleep.

As part of the design process, we worked closely with the hotel to ensure that the room felt spacious and light, with plenty of floor space for ease of movement around the room. Overcoming certain challenges was a key part of this process, such as ensuring the room was always fully functional, being careful that plant installations did not damage the expensive wall coverings and furnishings, even down to the maintaining good sightlines to the TV!

Our experienced design consultants carefully identified plants that have been proven to improve air quality effectively and combined these into an attractive jungle-like display that is both pleasing to the eye and creates a healthy, relaxing environment. Many of the plants have a useful information tag attached detailing its attributes in providing cleaner air – guests can even scan a QR code to order the plant for their own home or office.

Inside the room, trailing Ivy cascades down from a living wall panel above the bed, Monstera leaves and Palm fronds frame every view, and lush clusters of hanging, exotic plants purify the air and boost the immune system. Plus, our specialist maintenance technicians are all part of the scheduled housekeeping inside the room to ensure plants are kept healthy and vibrant.

Our very own Adrian Byne has had the pleasure of working closely on the project and says:

“At Benholm Group we have long understood the value plants can bring to every environment. To have the opportunity to work on a project which is designed to highlight the benefits of biophilia for mental as well as physical well-being has been a real joy, and we look forward to helping others in realising the potential of plants in their own spaces”.

Why not get in touch and find out how Benholm can incorporate our vibrant variety of plants into your interior space – from offices to restaurants to luxury hotel rooms, being surrounded by plants will delight and revitalise.

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