Plants aren’t just decorative, they are one of the easiest and most cost-effective wellbeing initiatives to implement in an office and their benefits can be felt instantly.

At Benholm, we understand that fostering workplace wellbeing is not just a trend – it’s an investment in the success and happiness of your team. A positive and nurturing work environment directly correlates with increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, and lower stress levels.

Cadworks, glasgow

Cadworks is one of the most sustainable and innovative office buildings in Scotland and the first net zero carbon building in operation in Glasgow.

Almost two years after installing one of Scotland’s largest living walls here, we sat down with Building Manager Kyle Jones to find out how it has transformed the building’s environment and its positive impact on occupants.

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Plants aren’t just decorative; they are one of the easiest and most cost-effective wellbeing initiatives to implement in an office.

Our easy-to-use calculator helps you to see what level of ROI (Return on Investment) you could potentially achieve through the addition of some beautiful office plants in your workplace.

did you know?

Recent survey findings from CIPD and Simplyhealth have revealed that absence rates in the UK are currently at a 10-year high.

Did you know that office plants, often overlooked in this context, could play a pivotal role in tackling this problem? 

With over three decades of expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining plant displays in award-winning offices throughout the UK, we have consistently witnessed the positive impact that office plants can have on employee health, happiness, and overall productivity.

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We are honoured to be this year’s Official Workplace Planting Provider at the UK’s leading Employee Health, Wellbeing & Workplace Culture Event. We look forward to bringing the beauty of nature indoors to hopefully inspire workspaces that not only look great but also foster wellbeing.

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