Natural solutions for a post Covid-19 world

The Coronavirus Pandemic or Covid-19 has had a global impact, not only on the economy, but on mankind.

We are very sympathetic with businesses who are trying to find suitable solutions that enable them to operate freely again as quickly as possible.  We have been working hard to create some naturally attractive, innovative solutions that we believe will enable your business to get back to “normal” rapidly. Or, as some refer to it, the “New Normal”!

Whilst some market sectors are harder hit than others by this global pandemic, most industries are affected in some way – corporate offices, hospitality venues, public buildings, healthcare, retail outlets and transport are just a few.

A variety of attractive, innovative solutions to some of the issues your organisation may be facing (and you’re not alone!) are detailed below:

Be creative in the way you insist on proper, effective hygiene

Hand sanitisers don’t need to be an ugly intrusion into your important entrance areas

The entrance to every building needs to provide the means to stop the spread of infection.  One of the most popular and easiest to administer is the provision of hand sanitiser stations at convenient points and to encourage everyone to use it. 

We have sourced a range of attractive hand sanitiser dispensers to visually enhance your space whilst providing this essential hygiene requirement for your visitors and staff

– Range of styles, colours and finishes to suit any location

– Different refill options for high or low use areas

– Touchless technology

– Unique planted options for added appeal

Enforce strict social distancing – in an attractive way 

Plants and moss make natural screens that provide visual softening and help contribute to biophilic design. The benefits of plants are well known. Live plants absorb pollution from the air and give off oxygen helpng to make indoor spaces healthier and more productive. In addition to this, plants are visually attractive and have been proved to reduce stress and increase health and wellbeing. Plants and moss also have excellent acoustic properties. 

We offer a wide range of planting options using both real and artificial plants as well as natural preserved moss 

SCREEN TOPPERS – Floral or planted to soften your screens

Already tired of seeing sterile glass or plastic screens everywhere?

Enhance your protective screens with our versatile screen topper displays

Every organisation has to demonstrate that effective social distancing is being enforced.  We are seeing that many premises are therefore becoming sterile spaces filled with glass or Perspex as organisations rush to comply with the current guidelines.  However, we believe that this could easily result in a negative impact on the health and wellbeing (particularly the mental health) of those using these spaces. 

Available in a range of green or floral designs these screen toppers are a beautiful way to bring a natural biophilic element to the environments that need it most.

They are available in standard sizes and can be placed together to create any length you require. Fully customisable too.

Nordik Moss wall panels make excellent backdrops for virtual meetings

With an increase in the use of virtual meetings it can be very easy to see your company branding becoming lost amongst the many varied environments in which your staff conduct video calls.  One way to deal with this is to create attractive branded spaces where staff choose to conduct their virtual meetings, and this will ensure your brand is consistently in the picture.

Nordik Moss walls are not only a great option for creating a biophilic space that your staff will enjoy using but they also have excellent acoustic properties making it an ideal for video conferencing. Free-standing panels can also be used as mobile options for use in different locations – even in home offices where screening out the background (both visually and acoustically!) can sometimes be very desirable!

You can find out more about Nordik Moss here.

The wellbeing of your remote workers is a top priority if you want them to be effective

Encourage your staff to get a live plant for the home office as this has been proved to reduce stress, improve air quality as well as increase productivity and creativity. Contact with nature and natural elements is important for both physical and mental health. Some organisations provide a plant budget for their staff and it is a great talking point for team talks about how their plants are progressing!

Plants are great for creating a natural video conferencing backdrop and for screening out unwanted views too!

Visit our Online Store to purchase plants and containers professionally planted up and delivered direct to your door.

Please reach out to us if you have any requirements and we will be pleased to help you in whatever way we can. We’re all in this together and we will get through and make sure you’re ready for the bounce-back!

A tall touchless hand sanitiser unit at the entry of a sleek buffet dining space planted with a lush green plant
Hotel reception screen decorated with seasonal floral screen topper inc greenery, red berries and natural pine cones
Huge Musa Banana plants create a jungle-style biophilic breakout space that is welcoming and makes you feel good

Transforming old gems into new jewels

We are lucky in Scotland to be surrounded by such beautiful old buildings steeped in history, each telling it’s own unique story. We love being involved in projects rediscovering old gems, watching them transform into incredible spaces for a new era of customers.

The Esslemont & Macintosh department store was the epitome of an Aberdeen institution, an original luxury department store for ladies who lunched from the roaring 1920’s and remained in family ownership for an incredible 130 years. It’s amazing to see old features loving restored and watching those combine with the best of today’s design like our amazing floral features and modern lighting to create an experience for Aberdeen to be excited about in 2019. The Esslemont (see above) quite rightly takes Aberdeen by storm once again.

Similarly The Garment Factory (see above) in Glasgow city centre, a historic and well-known building in the city, has a fascinating story. Built in 1898 to the designs of prolific Glasgow architect James Thomson, it was originally the garment factory of J & W Campbell. During World War II the basement was converted to a bomb shelter with the addition of a steel crash deck! The transformation sees the basement now used as a very 2019 games room. The refurbished building incorporates several elements that reflect the building’s history, most notably a Bute fabric feature wall, reminiscent of the fabric rolls found in the original factory.

Threesixty Architecture selected the top floor and inherited a unique industrial space complete with cast iron columns and great natural daylight. The mix of old industrial with modern furniture and lashings of Benholm greenery make for a truly unique modern space.

Over in Edinburgh we were delighted to be involved with The Court Hostel (see above), an amazing refurbishment of an A Listed former Police Chambers containing both holding cells and the former district court. Sitting within the prestigious Parliament Square in the heart of the Old Town, it was recently transformed into a luxury pod hostel for Code. Sensitively preserving any original features, it houses everything from very small vaulted rooms, which were the original cells to large congregating spaces, originally courtrooms and entrance foyer. With an inmates wall featuring notorious previous residents at reception, we can’t help but wish the walls could talk!

If your projects involve amazing spaces or one you’d like to make amazing, we’d love to hear from you!

Images from the Esslemont in Aberdeen with bespoke artificial floral surrounds for the ladies bathroom
The Garment factory, Glasgow and zoned open plan office with cabinet top planters dividing spaces for staff
Edinburgh Jail converted into a hostel with an artificial grid planting feature hanging in the dining area