How plants can help attract more customers to your restaurant

Attracting new customers to your restaurant, cafe, pub or hotel is one of the ongoing, never-ending pursuit of managers of every hospitality venue.  

Once a customer has visited and had a positive experience of the service you provide, that customer is very likely to return. Hopefully, customers like this will also tell all their friends to come too!  

According to a recent study from SinglePlatform and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey,

84% of consumers are likely to look at more than one restaurant before choosing where to dine

Attracting new customers for the first time has a lot to do with how visually attractive your restaurant is from the outside. Your marketing could be the best in the world (and it needs to be!) but if the visual appearance of your restaurant is not good you could find that all those potential customers walk past your restaurant to one that looks more attractive down the road!

So how many customers can you realistically expect to get? This interesting question is debated here.

Use plants to attract more customers

We would like to share some ideas with you or how plants can help attract more customers to your restaurant. Below are some images of a few ways plants can be used to good effect and this might give you some ideas of how this could help you attract more customers to your restaurant. You might also like to browse our gallery for more ideas.

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Consider how much it could cost you if a percentage of your potential customers went to a nicer-looking restaurant…!

Chaophraya Leeds’ exterior gloss black cube planters with buxus and assorted greenery with black branded banners
A foliage archway from two grey planters and wooden planters on wheels filled with plants for outdoor dining space
Urban Glasgow’s branded banners and sleek black planters with buxus balls to separate dining pavement dining

6 simple tips to improve staff wellbeing at work

There are a plethora of ideas and suggestions on how to improve the wellbeing of your staff.  Nearly all of them will work to a greater or lesser degree because, so long as you are doing something to improve wellbeing at work (rather than not actually doing anything!), you’ll find there will be some results.

Nearly all of them will work to a greater or lesser degree because, so long as you are doing something to improve wellbeing at work (rather than not actually doing anything!), you’ll find there will be some results.

We’ve trawled through and selected a handful of really simple tips that almost any organisation can use and we know from experience that they’ll be really effective…

Frequent breaks

Sitting at your desk for long periods of time is not good for your health. Encourage your staff to take a 5 minute break every so often, away from their computer, or do a few simple desk exercises and this can give the needed boost, lifting morale and improving productivity.  Here’s some excercises you can do at or near your desk

Drink water

It is well known that water is needed for good general health. Encourage staff to keep hydration levels up whilst at work by providing convenient water machines or making sure they have a bottle of water to keep by them during the day. Refillable bottles are more environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long term.  Here are top 10 facts about drinking water

Go for a walk

Walking is an excellent way to keep fit and improve staff wellbeing at work. Try arranging a walking group on lunch breaks to walk around the block or do some other physical activity as this is also great for team building. The general rule is little and often and this is much more manageable in the working day.  Here are some useful walking tips from BUPA

Free fruit

A gesture as small as providing free fruit once a week can give your staff a clear message that you care about their health and wellbeing. It encourages a healthy diet, reduces the need to resort to other less healthy snacks and actually provides your staff with a natural, healthy boost of vitamins and minerals.  Find out how to get fruitboxes delivered to your office

Office plants

You’ll be surprised at how even a small investment in plants and greenery can have an amazing effect on the look at feel of the office environment. Living plants have been proved to help improve the air quality through removing harmful toxins from the air and replacing them with oxygen and increased humidity. And they look great too!  Find out why plants are good for staff wellbeing

Workstation assessment

Ensure every employee’s desk is fit for purpose and that they have a workstation that suits their needs. Using the right ergonomic products is a proactive way of reducing the risk of an employee developing workstation related pain and injuries. A simple checklist can help to make sure you have assessed their needs correctly.  Here is a brief guide from the HSE

These tips are not much more than common sense but it is surprising how many organisations don’t pay enough attention to the wellbeing of their staff at work. If you treat these tips as a starting point you can be sure to see a positive result. There are many more initiatives than can be implemented as you fulfill your role of caring for the wellbeing of your staff. 

A recent post was published about the benefits of embracing Biophilic Design in the workplace and this is another aspect that would be well worth considering as part of any staff wellbeing initiatives. If you’d like to discuss your requirements and ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Living wall panels filled with plant life on castors to divide and separate open plan space in a modern office space
Baker Hicks office entrance feature panelled timber wall with Nordik Moss and trough in foreground filled with succulents

Green walls in top 8 restaurant dining trends that will define 2017

According to Bill Addison, the American Restaurant Editor at, in this article here, he predicts that green walls will be one of the 8 top dining trends that will define 2017.

We believe this prediction is likely to be true for UK restaurants too as we are already seeing an ever-increasing demand for this relatively new style of planting. And not only for restaurants but also for hotels, cafes, offices, schools, leisure centres, car showrooms and many other locations.

Green walls come in a variety of forms and can be created using many different planting styles. These include living walls, artificial foliage walls and preserved moss walls. These are all available in different sizes, shapes and formats and can be purchased or rented. A full maintenance service is also provided although the requirements can vary considerably.

Why not arrange for a Design Consultant to have a look at your location for you and provide you with some ideas on how you can make sure your location is ahead of the game for 2017!

If green walls are not your thing, then you can still get on top of the 2017 “Greenery” trend in other ways – contact our friendly team today to find out more.

Illuminated bun moss wall panel in a silver frame against a stone effect wall to create an feature on a stairwell