When is the best time to get hanging baskets?


Where outdoor space is limited, eye-catching hanging baskets, planted with an array of fresh flowers and trailing plants, are a fantastic way to increase footfall and add vibrant colours and gorgeous scents to your venue.

We tend to think of hanging baskets as being strictly a feature of summer, and with the solstice already behind us, you may be wondering if splashing out on hanging baskets is still a worthwhile investment this year.

When purchasing hanging baskets for summer you ideally want to have them in place by April or May to make the most of the longer days and get maximum return on your investment.

Luckily, Benholm offer an award-winning full rental package that makes beautiful hanging baskets a possibility for your venue all year round.


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By renting rather than purchasing your baskets from us upfront costs are greatly reduced, and the time of year you decide to begin your rental contract is less important as you will benefit from seasonal replanting and a maintenance service throughout your contract.

Rental contracts are issued on an annual rolling basis, during which you will receive 16” spring, summer and winter baskets, and the installation of brackets if required. Our maintenance team will regularly visit at optimal intervals to keep your baskets in peak condition, giving you total peace of mind. In most cases, we can carry out installation and our maintenance visits without even scheduling an appointment, allowing you to focus on what matter most.


We also offer attractive artificial hanging baskets in Central Scotland to reduce the need for maintenance. These are ideal for hard-to-access areas, or as a lower cost option. With high-quality realistic, UV-resistant replica foliage, our artificial hanging baskets are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. They can also be refreshed throughout the year on a rental basis to reflect the changing seasons.

Rental contracts are not suitable for every business, and we have a number of clients who still prefer to purchase their baskets from us and do their own maintenance. Our purchase baskets are subject to availability and we ask customers to order at least 2 months in advance to ensure baskets can be reserved (contract customers have priority and stock is limited due to the seasonality of these displays). Please specify spring, summer or winter version when ordering.

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