Christmas 2020 – themes and colour schemes

We don’t know about you but we are so ready to be covered in glitter enjoying some Christmas tunes surrounded by the delicious smell of fresh pine! I think its safe to say 2020 hasn’t quite been the year we all expected and whilst we’ve added some new and unexpected skills to our list (home-schooling, a lot of crafting and panic buying) we are beyond excited for a little Christmas cheer this year!

Christmas is a time of self-expression, inspiration and shared experience, a communal moment of joy and wonder. But with many of the annual festive activities like pantomimes and Christmas markets on hold this year, we have the unique opportunity to make new traditions. Christmas is also a time for being creative, whether that means the time and effort put into preparing your home or simply bringing friends and family together to make great memories. Wouldn’t it be nice to go all out this year, and be surrounded by amazing décor?

We’ve taken a look at interior and decorative trends and complied our top 4 so far to inspire you!

#1 – Starry Night

  • Think crisp cold nights under the stars – rich navy palettes with accents of metallics.
  • Mixing cool and warm tones, to create a modern, calm and minimalistic atmosphere.​
  • Features: metal, velvet, marble, zodiac signs.

#2 – Pastels

  • Think foliage and frozen ice cream shades, nestled together to create an elegant, feminine theme.
  • It works both for a romantic or contemporary interior – be bold and add a dark bottle green, this will give the theme a bit more spark.
  • Drape garlands, beads and sprays over banisters mixed with beautiful pastel accessories.
  • Features: homely soft plaids, honey comb ornaments and felt textures.

#3 – Scandinavian Spice

  • A cool and wintry theme – think family walks in the forest on Christmas day.
  • Look out for glass baubles filled with ultra-fashionable dried flowers for a pop of nature.
  • Warming shades of reds and orange, with rich, verdant greens are giving a northern feeling.
  • Features: wood, ceramics, wool, chunky knits and (faux) fur.

#4 – Art Nouveau

  • Think opulence – rich materials and extravagant accessories make this trend really special.
  • Taking inspiration from architecture, painting, jewellery and glass from the highly ornate Art Nouveau period, and you picture its opulence and glamour.
  • Gold trees covered with luxe decorations with elements of silk, cut-glass, velvet, marble and heavy jacquard prints against deep blues, yellows and metallics.
  • Features: animal shapes, peacock feathers and decanter baubles with lashings of jewel tones.
Mood board of Christmas trends for 2020 against a backdrop of eucalyptus, fir and red berries

1 – Starry Night

Starry Night mood board with navy and gold inspired Christmas decorations, wrapping and table wear

2 – Pastels

Pastels mood board with soft pastel inspired Christmas decorations, wrapping and door decor

3 – Scandinavian Spice

Scandinavian Spice mood board with rustic nature inspired Christmas decorations, wrapping and table wear

4 – Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau mood board with peacock and gold inspired Christmas decorations, wrapping and baubles
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