Plant Calculator

Our easy-to-use calculator helps you to see what level of ROI (Return on Investment) you could potentially achieve through the addition of some beautiful office plants in your workplace.

The well-proven benefits of contact with nature include improved levels of employee health and wellbeing, increased creativity and productivity, and better job satisfaction. This can have real impact on your organisation’s bottom line. Plants and greenery will also make your workplace more aesthetically pleasing, helping to attract and retain top talent, and impress visitors and clients.

Total number of office staff*
Estimate Annual Wages Cost (£)
Estimate weekly wages cost (£)
Increase in productivity value (working week)
Per week planting cost (£)
Number of office plants
ROI per week (£)
ROI per annum (£)

* Average UK salary for full time office staff according to

** See the Human Spaces report on The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in The Workplace

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