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The brief for the Tsunami Axis showroom space was for it to ‘feel just like home.’


We considered the best ways to help achieve warmth and comfort for the office’s lounge scenes, informal meeting areas, sit-stand desking and meeting rooms. There are also multiple creative ‘project spaces’ where Tsunami work with clients and their professional teams. These spaces are regularly updated with the latest products in the industry so it was important for them to stand out.

With a forest scene mural in the pipeline and Interface moss in stone flooring from their human connections range already selected we set about bringing the outdoors in.

Focusing on plants and greenery we installed floor standing planters, cabinet top planters, grid shelving bursting with different varieties of plants and a hanging garden suspended from the ceiling, draping down the stairway.

We relish the opportunity to be creative – our Nordik Moss was mounted to follow the curve of a wave, with the Tsunami logo sat atop for a truly 3D effect.


Artificial panels filled with greenery really popped against exposed brickwork but most exciting of all, we had the opportunity to install our one of a kind 3D wave Nordik Moss wall. It’s now a unique creative space that’s cosy and welcoming.

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21st September 2018

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