The secret to beautiful commercial hanging baskets

Water. Fresh, clean, pure H2O. Lots and lots of it. That’s the main secret to the success of our hanging baskets.

Of course, there is quite a bit more to it than that. The way the hanging baskets are planted up, the quality of the plant species – varieties that have been proved and improved year by year to produce the best and most vibrant displays – the best type of growing medium and the skilled application of fertilisers and flower stimulators, all contribute toward the stunning hanging baskets you see beautifying the streets of Central Scotland every year.

However, the most important secret to beautiful commercial hanging baskets is to provide plenty of water, regularly. Without enough water the plants will quickly die.

This is why we offer our watering services for your hanging baskets. When you are running a busy pub, restaurant, cafe, or hotel, it is so easy to forget to water the displays. You only need to forget it once and your hanging baskets will probably not recover in the current season. We can relieve you of this responsibility and leave you free to concentrate on your main role of serving customers and making profits.

At Benholm, we have staff dedicated solely to the watering of our hundreds of commercial hanging baskets and window boxes in Central Scotland during the summer months.

Benholm Group van fleet including specially equipped vehicles for watering hanging baskets. Our plant care technicians start each day in the early hours of the morning, completing the displays in public area first so that the water run-off does not inconvenience anyone and so that any dripping has stopped by the time people are passing under them.

Specially-equiped vehicles with large water tanks and whisper-quiet pumping equipment ensure there is virtually no disruption when we carry out our watering. Super-long lances reduce the need for ladders and access equipment. This means that most locations can be watered without our technicians needing to gain access.

We also hold stock of seasonal hanging baskets and the plants for them so that replacements can be actioned quickly should any require it.

Our organised and highly trained team hold the secret to our beautiful commercial hanging baskets in Central Scotland. If you want to benefit from this service, please contact us today.

Beautiful hanging baskets in full bloom with orange and purple flowers and trailing foliage for a restaurant
Blooming hanging baskets bursting with colourful plants and flowers at the Greyfriars Bobby Bar in Edinburgh’s Old Town
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