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The Student Loans Company (SLC) has started 2024 in its new headquarters in Buchanan Wharf, reaffirming its commitment to Glasgow, and Scotland.

SLC has been based in the city’s Bothwell Street since its inception more than 30 years ago. But more than 1,000 colleagues have moved into the new six-storey, 75,000 sq ft headquarters on the Clydeside, the final part of the Buchanan Wharf development.

The 20-year lease on the purpose-built space on Clyde Place is a significant investment for the organisation, and the building has been designed to encourage collaboration and provide a modern working environment for colleagues.

In response to the thoughtful brief presented to us, we aspired to contribute to the development of an environment that enhances employee wellbeing and strengthens SLC’s corporate identity.


Upon arrival at the Student Loans Company offices, your attention will be drawn to a bespoke living wall we crafted in collaboration with Graham + Sibbald, which showcases their logo and an eclectic assortment of plant species.

A variety of planters were installed in the reception seating areas and throughout the upper floors. The chosen range of planters were handmade using a high quality Fiberstone, and are lightweight, UV resistant and have a natural finish. Each planter is expertly lined and fitted with our own bespoke watering system to ensure the longevity of the plant and beautifully finished with Scottish stone cobbles over the soil. 

These were planted with species carefully selected for their aesthetic appeal and contribution to a healthier indoor environment, which included some of the top-performing species in NASA’s Clean Air Study.

Some notable species used here include:

Caryota Mitis​: Native to South-East Asia, the Caryota is also known as the fishtail palm. The Caryota plant is characterized by its tall, slender trunk, crowned by a spreading canopy of feathery and arching fronds

Dracaena Janet Craig Carousel: Dracaena fragrans is a species native throughout tropical Africa. The word Dracaena comes from the Ancient Greek word, Drakaina, meaning “female dragon.” The plant has wonderful ‘cleansing’ properties, able to remove toxins from the air, increase humidity and levels of cognitive function.

Philodendron Congo, Philodendron Imperial Green​: Philodendron is species of flowering plant that is native to the tropical Americas. The name philodendron comes from the Greek words “Philo”, meaning love, and “dendron”, meaning tree. The plant symbolises renewal, kindness and openness. 

Dracaena Janet Craig, Kentia Palm​: The Kentia, also known as Howea Forsteriana, originates from Lord Howe Island, a small island to the east of Australia. It is one of the best plants for improving air quality, removing toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and carbon monoxide from the air (all found in flooring furniture and building materials), making it an ideal office plant.​

We also added greenery to some of the furniture already in place. Long, trailing, faux foliage was looped over the ‘Moment’ canopies, and the existing Orangebox mobile planter units were planted with an enchanting mix of large-leafed Aglaonema plants.

Our skilled Maintenance Technicians will continue to nurture the plants throughout each floor, visiting at optimal intervals to ensure they remain vibrant and healthy.​


From the personalised living wall at the reception to the thoughtfully designed planters throughout the premises, each element contributes to a workspace that promotes wellbeing, creativity, and a connection to nature.

The completion of the SLC building represents the final piece in the jigsaw for the Buchanan Wharf site, one of Scotland’s largest ever development projects. The site has already received a WiredScore platinum rating for its digital connectivity, and is in line to secure BREEAM Excellent certification having followed the UK Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Building – Performance Levels guidelines.

The biophilia installation in our Town Hall, Café, and colleague break-out area has significantly enhanced the ground floor space. Benholm carefully selected plant species to not only improve air quality but also offer privacy and natural screening.

Since the installation, we’ve witnessed an immediate increase in usage, with colleagues gravitating towards the space within hours. SLC are delighted with the contract provided by Benholm.”

Anne Marie McGrath, Senior Estates Project Manager, Student Loans Company

By adding plants to your workplace, you can achieve a complete transformation of your premises in just an hour or two.

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