Use plants to maximise street dining experience

The success of your pavement cafe or street dining space is all about the number of seats per square foot …isn’t it?

No. It’s not. Definitely not.

Maximising your space is critical, especially on pavements which are often very limited, but it is not the most important factor.

A good street dining experience for your customers is one of the most important factors to maximising the effectiveness of your space. Get this right and you’ll find your seats will always be fully booked and your profitability will increase.

Plants can help create the right atmosphere for a perfect experience.

  • Shelter from the wind
  • Privacy from pedestrians
  • Acoustic protection from traffic noise

Plants look nice too! They can help attract new customers and help improve the attractiveness of your front-of-house image.

Plants are sometimes ruled out on the basis of trying to maximise the space for seating, but this is an easy trap to fall into. Making space for plants (and they don’t need much!!) can help maximise your street dining space much more effectively because the plants lift the level of the whole experience for your customers.

Plants can be used in attractive cafe barrier systems, and this can give you extra branding opportunities either on banners between the planters or on the planters themselves.

If you’d like a free assessment of your street dining space and some ideas for how plants could help you maximise the space, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly design team today.

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