Office plants are natural works of art

Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s office plants consisted of a limited range of standard plant species in regular styles – on canes or stems or in a bush shape – the primary consideration being the ease by with they could be maintained in an office environment.

Things have moved on. Office plants are now considered by many companies to be just as important as work of art adorning their offices as their function in making the work environment healthier and more comfortable.  Biophilic Design is an important part of this whole movement.

Plant growers around the world are adapting to this and are producing more “weird and wonderful” plants every day. Their ingenuity and innovation are outstanding! 

For example, these incredible pieces of rainforest are from an area that was hit by devastating hurricanes a few years ago.

Most of the trees were blown over and damaged yet in the fertile ground they continued to grow and what we have now is some unique living art sculptures.

In the right location, these could make stunning natural living art features!

A sneak peek into some of the more unusual trees and plants that our growers have in stock are shown below just to provide a little taster of what can be achieved. These are all unique pieces and subject to availability.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and get some ideas for your location or to see what might be available now.

Traditional stone columns and exposed beams in converted offices draped with ivy and foliage make it warm and welcoming
Live green tone plants and leafy foliage create an oversized floral display in a silver planter to welcome staff and guests
Modern office reception area with live Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai specimen plant in tall tapered square designer container, plant
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