Why Investing in Office Plant Maintenance Can Help Make You Money

Here at Benholm we are passionate about the benefits of office plants for your business, but without investing in regular office plant maintenance you won’t continue to enjoy these benefits for long.

The quality and effectiveness of that maintenance will depend on which company you choose, however the difference in the cost per planter of poor-quality maintenance versus good quality maintenance is virtually nothing – it could be only pence. Most companies charge very similarly for the service, but the result (or rather the ongoing result) can often be poles apart. It is often related to how the supplier trains, manages, and motivates their maintenance team.

High quality maintenance produces plants which look attractive, vibrant, healthy, and thriving and this has been proved to have a positive effect on staff and visitors. Conversely, poor maintenance will result in unhealthy plants that will provide a negative effect which is damaging to staff morale, motivation, and productivity.

Is the provider of your existing office plant maintenance up to scratch? Assess the quality of your service with this 10-point checklist. Ask yourself these ten questions to find out:

  1. Does the plant look as good as when it was first installed?
  2. If it has been replaced, is the replacement of a similar style and size?
  3. Is it pruned regularly, or has it been allowed to grow straggly?
  4. Does it have an attractive, balanced shape?
  5. Is the plant growing out of the centre of the container?
  6. Does it have a healthy appearance with lush green leaves?
  7. Are there any brown or obviously cut leaf ends?
  8. Are the leaves dusty?
  9. Is the container clean, undamaged and of a suitable style and colour for the location?
  10. Is the compost or top-dressing level with the top lip of the container?

If you have any questions or concerns about the quality of your office plant maintenance and would like to see how much better your plants could look, please contact us for a free assessment and no-obligation quotation.

Benholm plant maintenance technician watering a live plant as part of the comprehensive regular maintenance service
Modern office reception area with live Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai specimen plant in tall tapered square designer container, plant
Mixed plants in pots hung vertically in front of glass providing a screen between the hotel entrance and lobby
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