How to impress office visitors in the first 2 seconds

Firstly, take a step back and consider the visual appearance – what does your office reception area really look like? Put yourself in your visitors shoes and physically take a walk through your front doors. What do you notice? What impression are you getting of your own organisation?

Visual Appearance

Before your Receptionist has had a chance to smile and say “Good Morning” or even “Hi”, your visitors will have already formed some impressions about your organisation based on what they have seen.

“When it comes to welcoming visitors, we would do well to take our cue from the hospitality sector…”  See “How to give your guests a world class welcome”

However, it is not usually one single item that creates an impression but an overall feeling that is formed based on the instantanious evaluation of items that will have, probably subconsiously, been noticed and registered.

If you feel that your office reception area is not really creating the right impression you might want to consider a full refurbishment but… before going any further, consider the following points because this could save you a lot of money!

Well maintained planting or greenery is one of the things that can make all the difference to the first impression your visitor has of your premises in those critical first two seconds.

Here are three reasons why plants should be used:

1 – Humans naturally connect with nature – the fundamental theory of Biophilic Design is discussed in more detail here and it’s importance should not be overlooked

2 – Beautiful plants demonstrate that somebody must take care of them and will herefore, by assumption, also take care for their visitors

3 – Plants are considered to be prestgious. Cash-strapped organisations don’t spend on plants so you know that this company is prosperous (or wants to look prosperous!)

There are lots of ways of using office plants to impress visitors and some examples are shown below. You can see more in the Inspiration section of our image gallery

  • Exterior planters
  • Planters with integral signage
  • Fresh flowers for the reception desk
  • Exotic colour plant displays
  • Statement planters to frame entranceways
  • Green walls

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A green wall bursting with greenery lit by spotlights with an inset office directory at a reception space

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