Green walls in top 8 restaurant dining trends that will define 2017

According to Bill Addison, the American Restaurant Editor at, in this article here, he predicts that green walls will be one of the 8 top dining trends that will define 2017.

We believe this prediction is likely to be true for UK restaurants too as we are already seeing an ever-increasing demand for this relatively new style of planting. And not only for restaurants but also for hotels, cafes, offices, schools, leisure centres, car showrooms and many other locations.

Green walls come in a variety of forms and can be created using many different planting styles. These include living walls, artificial foliage walls and preserved moss walls. These are all available in different sizes, shapes and formats and can be purchased or rented. A full maintenance service is also provided although the requirements can vary considerably.

Why not arrange for a Design Consultant to have a look at your location for you and provide you with some ideas on how you can make sure your location is ahead of the game for 2017!

If green walls are not your thing, then you can still get on top of the 2017 “Greenery” trend in other ways – contact our friendly team today to find out more.

Illuminated bun moss wall panel in a silver frame against a stone effect wall to create an feature on a stairwell
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