Top Floral Trends for 2020

Trends emerge and influence styling across many things and flowers are no exception.

Its always exciting to spot new trends and be the first to experiment with them! We’ve put together a list of some top floral trends we’ve picked up on that look set to gather momentum throughout 2020.

1. Neutral Shades

Soft colour palettes with subtle tonal differences, I’m seeing customers increasingly recognising the need for sustainability and organic produce and I’ve seen floral trends begin to follow suit, with increased demand for natural, earthy tones.

2. 70’s Inspired Psychedelics

In complete contrast inspired by colourful prints from the 70s, fashion and interior designers are taking the lead from the decade of flower power with the resurgence of unashamedly bright colour combinations. Which are great for giving spaces an instant injection of personality, I love creating a statement focal point with vibrant florals.

3. Functional Flowers and Plants

Mental Health remains a huge discussion point socially. This has seen an increase in the use of plants and flowers holistically, particularly to aid physical and mental health issues. Plants have significant health benefits – from cleaning the air and reducing anxiety to relieving headaches and boosting mood. For increased creativity and productivity – plants are your best friend.

4. Jewel Tones

Vivid and bright flowers are set to be popular throughout this year. Using bold blooms in bright jewel tones to make a style statement, whilst injecting a hit of playfulness to your interior space.

5. Minimalist Styling 

When it comes to the arrangement of flowers, simplicity will be key in floral design for 2020. Design trends show an increasing demand for stripped back, minimalist compositions; we’ll be keeping it simple to keep it on trend.

We deliver beautiful arrangements, floral designs and plant displays to some of Scotland’s finest restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, retailers and private homes using flowers creatively to enrich people, places and spaces. We’d love to deliver to you too.

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A mix of freshly cut floral arrangements for office environments in various vases to complement each space

Inspired Psychedelics

A tropical themed fresh flower display with vibrant reds and exotic greenery in a black gloss vase

Minimalist Styling

A mix of freshly cut floral hand tied arrangements for customers including thistles, tulips,  sunflowers and lisianthus
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