Benholm Group listed as approved supplier on Mobilane

Benholm Group are delighted to have been listed as an approved supplier of living walls and sustainable planting solutions on Mobilane; the market leader for the sustainable development and delivery of patented, innovative green systems.

For over a decade Mobilane have promoted their mission to work together for a better, healthier living environment we are delighted to be on board. To find us simply click this link and search any city in Scotland:

At Benholm, our experts can design and install lush, planted, green walls including living plants or our preserved Nordik Moss. Our living green walls can be planted using our own-brand, peat-free system Enviroculture which does not require soil or compost for the plants to grow and is totally peat-free. It’s a clean system, free from soil-borne pests and bacteria, and has a positive effect on the environment, making it and Benholm Group the obvious choice for sustainable planting solutions.

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