Amazing artificials – could you tell the difference?

Artificial plants are not always the first choice when considering greenery. We are also huge advocates of the unmistakable scent and lush green leaves synonymous with real plants and flowers.

Many customers prefer to enjoy flowers and plants the way nature intended. However, keeping it real isn’t always the best fit for the surroundings. If it is not possible to properly maintain and care for plants and flowers due to lack of access or sunlight, they will quickly look weary and die. There have been huge improvements in the intricate design and development of artificial plants, resulting in incredible realism which has seen more people are choosing to enhance their venues and workplaces with artificial plants.

Check out some of the key features of artificial planting – could they be the right choice for you?

Mood & Productivity Boosters

Just looking at plants and images of natural landscapes can improve mood, concentration, and productivity.

Although artificial plants can’t offer the benefits of air filtration, they still have the same positive effect on staff morale in office spaces like this one in the Inovo Building, Strathclyde University.

They are Tough!

Accidents can happen anytime, with knocks and spillages common in busy environments like hospitality, offices, and public spaces.

Artificial plants are super resilient and unlikely to be damaged in spaces where people brush past – like the booths at leafy Mr MacGregor’s in Glasgow’s Southside.

Draped foliage is perfect for softening the space – offering a relaxed environment customers love.

Long Lasting

Your favourite plants and flowers will always be in bloom and looking their very best. Our plant expertise has allowed us to select a premium range of true-to-life plants for you to choose from.

Durable and hardwearing for outdoor beer-gardens like Rose Street Gardens.


A bathroom selfie spot with no natural light? Looking to swing greenery from the chandeliers? Artificial plants, flowers and foliage will last and look great anywhere. Place them in bright sunlight, dark corners, or even hang them upside down! Artificials allow for true creativity!

Perfect for high traffic selfie spots like our vintage bath and flower wall in October.

Low Maintenance

Next to no maintenance required! The only tlc required to keep artificial plants looking their best is the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. No feeding, pruning or pest control – perfect for those who want no-hassle upkeep. This also allows for plants to be placed in high or inaccessible areas, no maintenance, no access required!

Bringing the outdoors in with draped plants and foliage from ceilings and balconies at the Leonardo London City hotel.

If you love plants and flowers but don’t have the budget to replace or maintain them, invest in some artificial ones instead. Our selection is super realistic and sure to stand the test of time.

Making signage really pop like The Vic in St Andrews. 

Creative, bespoke features inspired by nature can really boost footfall in bars and restaurants and wellbeing in office spaces. Please feel free to get in touch with design our team today, we’re bursting with ideas!

Mixed plants in pots hung vertically in front of glass providing a screen between the hotel entrance and lobby
Bespoke selfie wall for Brodies’ event at Gleneagles Hotel with green wall, Nordik Moss tennis ball and live Kentia palms
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