5 of the world’s best office designs with plant displays

As the world of work becomes increasingly defined by technology, businesses have recognised the need for increased collaboration and socialisation between workers to improve productivity and creativity.

Biophilic Design is becoming more widely recognised and as a result commercial office spaces are seeing office plants become an integral part of their design. Designers try to provide workers with relaxing and pleasant surroundings, inspire a fresh enthusiasm into the culture and give the opportunity to take a break.

Below are 5 of the worlds best office designs with plant displays. In all, the use of interior plants in virtually any space results in an exceptional experience for the users. For more inspiration, visit our Gallery.

World Ventures – Sydney.

Recreating the relaxed Australian coastal vibe was the aim of Evoke Projects in this office design. Light timber grains and coastal colours were implemented alongside subtle yet effective planting – creatively integrated into the overall design –  to create a clean ‘wanderlust’ feeling. A real emphasis on branding was implemented throughout the office design with the slogan ‘you should be here’ featuring across multiple applications. Follow this link to find out more: https://officesnapshots.com/2017/03/15/world-ventures-offices-sydney/.

King Offices – Stockholm.

Adolfsson and Partners have created this strikingly minimalistic design for development studio King. The offices also feature an artificial ‘Forest’ which uses live plants to create a fresh appearance. The designers said: “the same inspiring and calming effect that you get from spending time in natural surroundings we decided we wanted to apply to this new King office”. Interested? Click here.

Etsy Offices – New York City.

Etsy’s new Brooklyn Headquarters is designed to showcase their culture of treating “Code as Craft.” Described as “blurring the lines between workplace and habitat”, this colourful and spacious office makes use of indoor plant displays to bring employees closer to nature. Find out more details at: https://officesnapshots.com/2017/01/23/etsy-offices-new-york-city/.

Centro Offices – Chicago.

The impression created by this collaboration area green wall logo is different for everyone – but one thing is the same. The creative use of plants to display the company name in a prominent position enhances the aesthetic appearance considerably. In addition, the creation of “parks” helps to break up the large floor plan, developing an identity for different departments and providing alternative work spaces. Find more information here.

Ampersand – Soho, London.

Certainly a stunning feature in the centre of the building, the four-storey Living Staircase gets its name from the plants that grow on top of the balustrades. The plants add colour and a low-tech feel to the building, and the employees are encouraged to look after them. Every element of the staircase is designed to relate to the people using it, providing a dynamic centrepiece for the Ampersand scheme.

Everlane Shoe Park – New York.

Not strictly an office, but still an exceptionally creative design – a plant-filled temporary retail space for online store Everlane.

The tropical plants contrast with the concrete architecture of the existing building, and the result is an environment that is tranquil yet exceptional. Visit Everlane’s website for a look at this masterpiece of creativity: https://www.everlane.com/shoe-park.

Go on and get some inspiration from 5 of the world’s best office designs with plant displays, where exceptional environments make all the difference.  Please feel free to comment below to share any other examples of superb office designs with office plant displays.

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