4 great reasons to have flowers in your office

The Dutch Flower Market – where we source our fresh blooms for our office flowers.

Nothing beats an office full of hard working, happy people. One thing that helps keep everyone smiling and in high spirits – freshly cut flowers!

Our love for all things green has seen Benholm recently welcome a brand new Head Florist Elaine Cherry to the stable.

Read our interview with her…

‘I understand just how important it is for businesses to make the very best first impression, and flowers are a fantastic way to do this. Reinforcing brand values, colours and ethos. I’m not only looking forward to expanding our weekly corporate deliveries, I’m also bursting with ideas for floral installations, real and artificial, for corporate and hospitality clients too.

Here are just 4 great reasons for bringing fresh flowers into your workplace:’

1. An easy way to redecorate or switch colour scheme

If you’re a fan of switching things up every now and again, flowers and plants are your friends. A cost effective way of making bright  bold changes in your work place that don’t involve time or effort – and can adapt as the seasons change.

A huge bouquet of colourful flowers can make an otherwise neutral room look bright and cheerful. They can also create a welcoming entrance, or make a for stunning centrepiece in conference rooms.

2. They can boost workplace productivity

Of course flowers look and smell amazing, but there’s more! Studies and scientific evidence have shown that having flowers in the workplace can increase our ability to work more efficiently.

An American study  conducted over an eight month period, found that employees performed better in terms of innovative thinking, generating good ideas and problem solving in a workplace decorated with fresh plants and flowers. It concluded that men were able to generate around 30% more ideas in an office with flowers than in an undecorated spaces.

3. They make your staff happy

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of fresh flowers on a dreary Monday morning? Flowers in the office great for cheering everyone up, including clients attending meetings at your office.

Enjoying bright flowers instead of colourless office walls provides a happier workspace – therefore creating better work. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

4. They can improve memory and concentration

Various studies have shown that flowers can improve a  memory and concentration in the workplace.

People believe that the presence and influence of nature can help people improve memory and their attention span by up to 20%. They increase employees abilities to focus on the task at hand and complete it to a higher quality. Brilliant!

Studies have also shown nature in the workplace has the ability to stimulate the senses and mind,  improving mental cognition and performance.

If you’re looking for fresh, bright and beautiful flowers to decorate your work space – We’d be delighted to help.

The Benholm Team are passionate about plants and flowers and have a brilliant selection of corporate flowers that we guarantee will have your office looking and smelling great with the very best seasonal blooms. If you would like to talk all things floral, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Glass bowl vase filled with freshly cut purple flowers including lisianthus with greenery and leaves
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