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Bring the outdoors in to welcome staff and pupils to Wallace High School. Providing a healthy learning environment and a welcoming space for parents and staff.


A huge statement making tree in the school’s largest open space, the atrium, to bring nature indoors for maximum impact and enjoyment. With very high ceilings, noise was also identified as a concern in the high traffic area so we explored the use of moss panels.

Moss is a great natural sound absorber, making it the ideal solution for use in high-traffic areas prone to disruptive noise. They’re virtually maintenance free, meaning they sit perfectly on walls without the need to be watered or exposed to sunlight. Panels were installed around the room to add more greenery and really pull the space together.

Another room earmarked for special attention was one designed to be used for wide range of activities including staff training and audio-visual presentations as well as interviews with staff, pupils and parents.

Wall mounted plants and a moss feature wall was used to create a calm welcoming space, suitable for the various uses it has.


The atrium space is softened by nature, creating a welcoming space

The Nordik Moss wall and additional planting helps to provide a quiet, relaxed space that is a valuable addition to the school. 

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