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To use our creative planting expertise to enhance the natural, botanical themes of The Terrace and Botanics Shop at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.


We were immensely privileged to be selected to work with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh on the refurbishment of their popular café and visitors centre, including their flagship store. As creative plant experts ourselves, it was a rare honour to work alongside world-leading horticulturalists, as well as renowned interior designers 442 Design.

Inside the new Botanics Shop, our very own Nordik Moss was a natural choice. This specially preserved, natural moss frames the lettering and LED screens beautifully, and as a sustainable, biodegradable and natural material it perfectly complements the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh brand identity and ethos. Our in-house design team worked closely with 442 Design to ensure our creative planting sat elegantly alongside the shops array of botanically inspired gifts, books and sustainable products.

Inside The Terrace café, we introduced trailing greenery above the main counter, artistically entwined into the ceiling-hung lighting platform, as well as additional lush plants around the seating alcoves. Whilst live planting is always the first choice, hyper-realistic artificial alternatives were introduced due to the practical limitations of the space – visitors will need to be pretty astute to even notice these plants are not real! By utilising some of the ceiling area of The Terrace, we were able to bring a touch of the outdoors inside without impacting valuable floor space.


Our botanical themed, bespoke signage and high-level trailing plants, with vibrant green colours entice customers into the newly refurbished spaces where they can enjoy the natural splendour inside as well as out.

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21ST MAY 2020

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