Robert Byne


My mother’s family were farmers in East Lothian and then market gardeners in Ratho, Edinburgh. After leaving school I joined the Civil Service. After 3 years I joined a London Accountants as the pay meant I could afford to get married! After 20 years we moved to Scotland with the aim of starting a business to provide employment and security for my family and Benholm was born. We have just celebrated 26 years and all 6 of my children have worked in the business. Currently I am mainly involved in finance and contracts.

While I learned a lot about human nature in speaking to customers in the tax office, I am now convinced that plants in that office would have helped the atmosphere!! I really have enjoyed the contact with many in helping improve the environment using plants and a variety of designs to improve the areas in which we live and work.

I am very happy to be handing over a sound business to grow in the capable hands of my sons and staff.

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