Ian Macleod Distillers (IMD) had outgrown their previous office, prompting the development of a new HQ at Peter Russell House in Broxburn.

Featuring glass towers reminiscent of distillery shafts, this striking building offers 10,000 sq ft of dynamic office space for IMD’s portfolio of world-class premium Scotch whisky, gin, and rum brands.

Understanding the importance of employee well-being and productivity, Ian Macleod Distillers prioritised the integration of staff needs into the very fabric of the building’s design. To realise this vision, they enlisted a talented team of collaborators which included Anchorpoint Interiors, one of the UK’s leading corporate and commercial workplace design and build companies. Having already worked together on a number of successful projects, they brought us on board to infuse the space with greenery.


Making the Moss-t of the Space

Welcoming visitors at the entrance are two impressive 20-foot-high Nordik Moss walls (pictured below) on either side of the reception area, cleverly making use of the lofty ceilings. These were constructed in our greenhouse using a variety of moss types forming patterns that catch the eye. A scaled-down, vertical version featuring the same captivating design can be found in the break-out room upstairs.

Green Grandeur

Dominating the foyer is a majestic 13-foot live Bucida Buceras tree, a striking centrepiece that elegantly utilises the vertical expanse of the building. Its commanding presence not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also fosters a sense of tranquility within the space.

Transforming the Underutilised

Recognising the impracticality of adding conventional decor underneath the staircase, we created a terrarium-like floor display adding another point of interest in what is typically an unused space.

Artful Arrangements

A diverse selection of exquisite planters, in various styles, finishes, and sizes, can be found throughout both floors, each brimming with vibrant foliage. These planters have been artfully arranged at different heights, ensuring optimal visual impact.

Long-lasting Impact

With such a large volume and variety of plant types to be found throughout, IMD can have peace of mind knowing they have a maintenance plan in place to keep their greenery looking healthy and vibrant all-year-round.

During our maintenance visits, our technicians will carry out a full inspection of their plants, and will clean, feed, prune and water the plants according to their specific requirements, as well as replacing any dead, ailing or even overgrown plants at no extra cost.


For over 80 years, Ian Macleod Distillers have remained one of the most widely respected Scottish independent family firms in the spirits industry, with four generations of expertise, distilling, blending and bottling to their name. They believe “being unafraid of evolution” will give them a place at the table for the next 80 years, and with their new HQ boasting modern office space, gin development labs, and a whisky barrel-shaped malt master room, they are well-positioned to do so.

Through our collaboration with Anchorpoint Interiors, we have helped to create an environment that is both visually striking and conducive to a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere for their team and visitors alike. From the towering moss walls that welcome visitors to the lush greenery adorning every corner, our work here serves as a testament to the transformative power of greenery in interior spaces.

“Collaborating with Benholm allowed us to make our concept design become a reality with the help of their knowledge and expertise. During the delivery stage, Benholm acknowledged our short lead-time requirement and made themselves flexible to accommodate our project program. Overall, we value the support and care provided by Benholm and look forward to working together in the future.”

Brinsley Clarke, Sales & Precon Executive, Anchorpoint Interiors

By adding plants to your workplace, you can achieve a complete transformation of your premises in just an hour or two.

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