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Green Walls, Living Walls & Vertical Gardens | Bringing Beauty & Nature to Your Business

Sometimes referred to as living walls, green walls or vertical landscapes, the concept of having a whole wall or part of a wall covered in lush foliage is becoming increasing popular.

Many different types of foliage can be used to give you a stunning effect whatever the location.  Soft, plain green foliage, interesting variegated foliage or colourful, flowering planting can be used in many different ways to create a range of different planting designs.

Why Have a Green Wall?

  • The acoustic softening of a green wall needs to be experienced to be believed

  • A green wall does not take up any floor space

  • The visual effect created by a green wall is unrivalled

Living Walls, Artificial Walls, or Moss Walls?

Real live plants create the ultimate effect and Benholm can provide both interior and exterior living walls as well as the ongoing maintenance required.  Benholm work closely with ANS Global as world leaders in living wall systems.

Artificial foliage can be used inside and outside to create green walls where living plants might not be able to survive or where maintenance is impractical.

Moss walls are becoming increasing popular as a highly versatile, low-maintenance, interior green wall option.  Ideal for creating corporate branding features or space-saving acoustic divisions.  Benholm’s Nordik Moss range of designer moss walls is being used by top Interior Designers on projects where uniqueness is paramount.

Click here to watch the fascinating Nordik Moss video

Purchase options

Benholm offers you a range of options for green walls.  Rental which includes maintenance, purchase only or purchase with a separate maintenance contract.

There are various considerations and options with a green wall and the team of design consultants will be able to guide you and provide a solution that works for you.

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