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    How office plants can help attract and retain top talent

    24 Mar 2017

    Exterior or interior office plants can help attract the right people to your organisation

    People love a good, positive, company culture and being associated with an innovative brand. But actually, your brand and your company culture are really created by your people - they make the atmosphere of your organisation what it is, and ultimately the image that your customers see.

    "To be the best place to buy you must be the best place to work. Treat your employees the way you want your customers to be treated, maybe even better."  Shep Hyken, customer service expert and author


    As the quote highlights, you must "treat your employees the way you wantOffice plants help create an impressive space that is attractive to top talent your customers to be treated." Therefore, any Office Manager or HR Manager must aim to create a culture and workplace that not only retains employees, but attracts employees. But how do you attract and retain the top talent?

    According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on this subject, the secrets to retaining top talent is as follows:

    1. Celebrate success
    2. Create an open and honest work environment
    3. Connect their work to a higher purpose
    4. Provide opportunities to grow and learn
    5. Create a stimulating work environment

    1. Personal and professional development.

    One way is to allow for personal development is offer flexible working hoursImage showing how office plants can help attract and retain top talent to all your staff. This can be dependent upon your industry, but letting employees know you care about them is a sure way to attract and retain key players. When given the opportunity to build upon their professional development, staff will appreciate being able to connect with others in their field and increase their own area of expertise.

    2. Make the environment enjoyable.

    Typically, your workers will spend at least 8 hours in your office, and a lot of that will be daylight hours. Outdoor areas can be useful, but why not try bringing it inside? Indoor plants and displays create life and can help employees to remain productive and calm, especially if they have high-intensity roles. Plants will brighten the atmosphere, helping employees to suitably relax - and relaxed employees are loyal employees.

    3. Help maintain concentration.Creating the right environment is critical for retaining top talent and office plants or green walls can help

    Plants not only produce oxygen, they absorb toxins which can build up in
     enclosed environments, helping to increase the likelihood of employees staying healthier. Keeping the office air fresh will help your workers to concentrate. Being able to concentrate means it takes less time to complete a task, and that means spending less time in the office. Surely that will attract the best employees!

    So there we have it - that's 3 ways to help attract and retain top talent. It's all about caring for the people in your business.


    If you would like to find out more about how office plants can help attract and retain top talent in your organisation please contact us or see our Why Plants section on our website.  

    If you would like to discuss your speciific requirements please call us on Freephone 08000 724 723

    "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." Richard Branson



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