PROJECTS » Mr MacGregor’s

The Brief:

When we received news our long-standing customers Manorview were embarking on a new dining adventure, we were thrilled to be working with Space ID and Nixon Consultants to bring the designs to reality.

The restaurant was themed around the concept of Mr MacGregor, a man who, inspired since he was a young boy by the tales of Phileas Fogg, longed to experience every corner of the world. By combining the sensational produce from Scotland’s larder in fusion with flavours from across the world, the restaurant was created!

Space ID’s design was inspired by nature, with lots of trailing greenery and foliage to create an oasis in the Glasgow’s Southside.


We selected the best quality artificial foliage to closely match the designs.  


A beautiful dining experience that has been warmly welcomed by the Southside dining scene.

Mr MacGregors restaurant Glasgow featuring a green planted ceiling of artificial trailing foliage to complement its décor or modern, earthy tones

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18th November 2019

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