What are the health benefits of plants?

Including plants in your interior actively contributes to cleaner air by converting CO2 into oxygen and by converting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into compounds which the plants then feed on to remain healthy. Research shows that plants have a positive effect on the way people feel, they help to create a feeling of vitality, lifting spirits and creating happiness. Lush, healthy plants can make people feel better. Plants are also seen to have a positive effect in the hospitality and spa industry. For instance, those who go to a spa want to leave feeling relaxed, plants can enhance their experience resulting in them leaving calm. Plants bring so many benefits to their environments and the people in them, but noise reduction properties are less widely known as they also absorb, diffract and reflect sound…as plants are multi-layered they help deflect and absorb sound from the room.

Adding plants in your space is an effective way of creating a focal point that also helps to improve the health and well-being of everyone inside. To discover more about Benholm Group or call us on 01324 861 300 or email mail@

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