I want a living green wall in my building - what do you recommend?

Living, green walls are an increasingly popular choice for interior walls – As ethical as they are aesthetically pleasing, the plants in your green wall actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere, enriching the air with oxygen. Our global network of growers gives us a range of plants to choose from that allows us to design green walls to complement any setting and industry. We offer bespoke green wall design and installation across Scotland and the wider UK.  We provide a full design service taking into account the climatic conditions (including specifying supplementary lighting) and the overall desired effect.  If your environment isn’t suitable to keep living plants healthy and fresh, then we can provide an artificial green wall. The authentic look and feel of our artificial plants make it possible to bring the striking visual effect of artificial green walls to spaces where living green walls would not survive. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas, low light environments, or anywhere difficult to access for maintenance. Just as with all our artificial green walls use the most natural looking and durable products available to ensure a truly special look that requires no special care or attention. Our talented team can help design the perfect solution for your space from walls to ceilings. Get in touch today.

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