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Cadworks is Glasgow’s first net zero carbon office building and the city’s most cycle friendly workspace. Its aim is to be the most sustainable and socially impactful building in Scotland and the building was designed with health and wellbeing in mind. Like Benholm Group, Cadworks are passionate about improving the wellbeing of the wider community.  

Cadworks is a ‘cycle-in’ office building project, following on from their previous one called ‘Windmill green’ in Manchester. The project needed also to include plenty of biophilia, but especially a feature living wall. 


Gardiner & Theobald LLP initially got in touch with Benholm Group to discuss biophilia-related concept ideas for the Cadworks project.  

A zoom presentation was used to collaborate on planting ideas with the whole team and share thoughts on what could work. We then supplied further information such as detailed specification about living wall systems, planter types and lots of images and ideas to help clarify the best options. 

We installed probably the largest interior living wall, or vertical garden in Scotland, onto an existing, solid wall. Living walls can truly revitalise any interior space. We attach the structure to the existing wall at various points, without causing any damage to the wall structure. The living wall is then used as a garden which creates a fresh, natural feel to the space. They don’t just look amazing; they also provide several benefits for the surrounding environment.  

Living walls improve air quality by converting CO2 into oxygen and by converting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into compounds which the plants then feed on. Living walls gives city dwellers and workers the opportunity to experience some greenery amongst the concrete and metal. In addition to the lush living wall, we installed a number or hanging planters and trees to complete the desired effect in the whole space.  

We worked with the Bowmer & Kirkland project management to install in stages to suit the building works and other trades. We visited site in three main stages of install. We installed and completed in time for their COP26 events. One of the challenges was providing a living wall system and layout that worked in the space, around the signage and the drinking water unit. Also working with a large team within a construction site to ensure all points were covered.  

KYLE Jones, Building MANAGER at cadworks

In this short film, Kyle shares the positive impact our living wall has had on the building’s occupants, as well as his experience of working with us as we continue to maintain it.


We’ve designed and installed probably the biggest interior living wall in Scotland! It’s a living wall with massive impact and required over 1300 living plants to create it.  

Plants have a positive effect on the way people feel, they help to create a feeling of vitality, lifting spirits and creating happiness. As living walls are full of lush healthy plants, they have the same effect and can make people feel better. This is important in a commercial setting. In an office, when people feel good, they are less likely to be absent and take time off sick. They are also likely to be more productive. Living walls also improve productivity which is essential to the growth and survival of any business. The lush living wall at Cadworks certainly creates a lush focal point with all the beautiful greenery and our specialist maintenance technicians ensure the plants are kept healthy and vibrant. 

This beautiful lush green living wall we installed at Cadworks creates a positive brand association with their environmental credentials and is a great contributor to excellent customer experience and employee wellbeing.  

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