plants flowers fruit interior landscape
plants flowers fruit interior landscape

Office Plants Edinburgh - Benholm

Benholm Group have 20 years experience in providing top quality interior plants, water features office plants, floristry, Landscaping and artificial plants throughout Glasgow & Edinburgh. We also provide exterior planters and a range of landscaping services.

The core part of our company is providing living plants for offices and commercial premises and maintaining them to the highest of standards ensuring they always look their best. Having living plants in your interior spaces has many benefits which are listing on our Benefits of Plants page.

We source our live office plants from all over the world which are then imported through Holland which is the central hub for plants and flowers in the world. Once the plants have been imported we then acclimatise and plant up your displays in our specialist computer-controlled glasshouse complex which ensures they are in the highest quality when they reach you.

With a diverse range of planting options, our expert team can help you with suggestions on which planters would be best suited to your workplace and location. Our container sizes are matched with each specific plant to ensure they look aesthetically proportionate once installed in your work place.

Indoor Plants Glasgow

Your staff's "feel good factor" normally improves with the introduction of indoor plants in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding towns and cities. Satisfied staff have been proved to be more effective. Here are some reasons as to why introducing indoor plants into your workplace could be beneficial:

  • • Plants contribute to humidity
  • • Plants help clean toxins from the air
  • • provides a healthier atmosphere

University studies have shown that:

  • • plants can help people produce 15% more innovations and ideas
  • • in the group with plants reported health problems were 25% lower
  • • in the planted workplace reaction times were improved by up to 12%
  • • plants can help reduce VDU eyestrain

We cover all areas of the UK including England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. The cities of Edinburgh & Glasgow are within easy distance of our head office in Falkirk and this is where our main core customers are based. We also cover Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Inverness, Carlisle, Livingston, East Kilbride. For areas outside Scotland we operate within a unique network of similar companies who have the same high standards and corporate ethos for the servicing of national contracts.


Are You Looking For Sector Specific Information?

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Do you want to make your reception more welcoming and your offices more healthy, attractive and productive? Whilst your receptionist's smile is very important, there are many other ways to create the effect you want your visitors to have – And you only get one chance to make a first impression! It is well known that the better the working environment, the better your staff productivity. Staff morale is easily influenced both positively and negatively and we can offer a range of enhancements to ensure your success! See our Benefits of Plants section for more information.


Are you looking for ways to improve your hotel or restaurant? Creating the right first impression is absolutely critical to the success of your venue. Making your customers return time after time and ensuring they recommend you to all their friends is all about their experience. You know how to provide the service that exceeds their expectations. We know how to provide the environment they never could have even dreamt about! Click here to see what we can


Did you know we have a specialist division set up to assist Property Managers? We know all about how to make your life easier! Property Management is a continual battle of increasing profits and improving ROI for landlords, attracting new high-grade tenants, retaining good tenants, justifying service charges. Our specialist services include bespoke contract terms, free loan planting for vacant buildings as well as specialist, eco-friendly, certificated solutions for BREAM rated buildings.

interior design

Are you an Interior Designers or Architect looking for new ideas & innovative solutions? Incorporating nature into the building design ensures that the end result is aesthetically pleasing. It is all-too-easy for plants to be added on by the client as a afterthought – and if you're not careful it can look like it too!


Are you looking for ways to encourage customers to linger longer and spend more? Creating a warm, welcoming image and a comfortable, relaxing retail environment has been proved to encourage customers to stay longer. We have a range of innovative solutions to help you.


Is being accountable and being seen to be green holding you back? We specialise in helping you improve the experience of visitors to your premises in some of the most cost-effective ways. We have the ideas, experience and resource to assist you to in the justification and maximising of any new initiative.

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Special Offers/Clearance

From time to time we have ex-rental planters available from contracts that have upgraded or moved, etc. and these can often offer a very cost-effective planting solution. Please call to discuss your requirements and see what we might be able to offer you.