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    Use Plants for Wellness in the Workplace

    Download the Benholm Group 2020 Guide to Wellness in the WorkplaceAs humans we have an inherent, in-built affiliation or desire to connect with nature.  This has a direct impact on our feeling of wellness.

    The industry term for this, that has become firmly rooted in the creation of today's workplaces, is Biophilic Design - the practice of incorporating elements of biophilia in archtectural interior design. Plant displays are one of the most obvious and easiest ways to bring office workers into direct contact with nature.  Sometimes referred to as "bringing the outdoors inside".

    There are many different wellness initiatives but perhaps one of the first questions to ask yourself when considering a quality workplace wellness program is...

    What does your workplace look like? Or feel like?

    plants vs no plants imageWhen discussing Workplace Wellness... We say plants speak for themselves!

    What is Workplace Wellness?

    According to Wikipedia, Wellness is a state beyond absence of illness but rather aims to optimize well-being.  Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. Known as 'corporate wellbeing' outside the US, workplace wellness often comprises activities such as health educationmedical screeningsweight management programs, on-site fitness programs or facilities.

    Wellness in the workplace is a very wide-ranging subject and covers many aspects.  There are many diverse solutions employed by organisations accross the globe to help improve the health and wellbeing of their staff; with varying levels of success.

    Why is wellness in the workplace important?

    Studies have shown that staff who are happy, healthy and feel valued are many times more likely to perform more effectively, be more creative and generate more profits.

    See this Infographic about the Benefits of Biophilic design in the Workplace for more information or see this post about reducing stress in the workplace.

    Why use plants for wellness?

    Plants provide us with a direct contact to nature.  It is well know that a walk in the countryside, in a forest or along a beach, helps us feel refreshed and ivigorated and has been proven to reduce stress levels - indeed, some GP's have been prescribing this for wellbeing as opposed to medication.  Apply this principle to the workplace by introducing office plant displays and see how this improves your team's feeling of wellness and impacts the success of your organisation.

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