We use plants creatively to enrich

people, places and spaces

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Enviro Culture

Interior Plant Displays

At Benholm, we have been enhancing corporate and commercial spaces for over 20 years with unique and professional interior plant displays.  Whether you have a small office, a meeting room, a hotel reception, a busy restaurant, a car showroom, a four-story atrium or a 2000 seat conference centre, we know how to make it look more impressive, feel more welcoming and be more comfortable.  We know how to keep it like that too.


Bespoke and Innovative Plant Displays

With so many interior plant species and container styles available, our customers appreciate the way we can select the right look and feel for any interior.  Why not try us out today?

Contact us to arrange for one of our design consultants to call in to see you and to discuss some new ideas for enhancing your interior space.  You’ll then receive a free no-obligation proposal to discuss with your colleagues…  And we know you’ll be pleased with what you’ll see.

Create that new look today.