We use plants creatively to enrich

people, places and spaces

Unique & Bespoke Living Wall | Let Your Style Flourish

Breathe life with a bespoke green wall

Bespoke living green walls are one of the most stunning interior design features available; one of the most attractive, natural style features to illustrate that you care about the environment and the well-being of others.

The ANS Living Wall (sometimes called a ‘green wall’) may be installed inside or outside your building. Green wall systems are self-contained and modular which means it can planted in any pattern or colour scheme. It is automatically irrigated, so it always looks stunning.

One of the ANS Living Wall unique features is the density of the planting, which means it looks spectacular from the very first day it is installed.

How much will it cost?

Each living green wall that we install is designed and installed to your bespoke specifications and requirements. As each wall is unique, the best way to find out costs is to give us a call to talk about your vision on 01324 861 300.

Still unsure if  a living wall is the right choice for you?

If you are still not sure if a living green wall is right for you, then why not take a look at our artificial green wall options instead?

We have a few images in our Inspiration Gallery to help you decide or better yet, call us on 01324 861 300 and speak to one of our living green wall specialists to see how we can help you.