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Scotland's Premier Hanging Baskets Service

Brochure downloadBeautiful commercial hanging baskets

Following the recent purchase of Edinburgh-based company called Flowerhire (www.flowerhire.co.uk) we are now one of the largest suppliers of fully-maintained commercial hanging baskets in Scotland.

Traditional commercial hanging baskets are perfect for decorating and attracting potential customers to businesses such as shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars.  They are ideal too for council departments looking to improve the city’s streets.


Full hanging basket maintenance service for your peace of mind

Our teams are equipped with specialist maintenance equipment including bespoke watering vehicles to ensure every display is provided with just the right amount of water even during the hottest months of the year.

Seasonal changes are included in the annual maintenance program and we offer a deluxe service with additional changes if required.  Supply and installation of brackets carried out too.


Maintenance-free artificial hanging baskets

We also offer attractive artificial hanging baskets to reduce the need for maintenance.  Ideal for hard-to-access areas or as a lower cost option.  Virtually indistinguishable from the real thing with high quality, realistic, UV resistant replica foliage.  Take a look at them here.

These can be changed throughout the year on a rental basis to reflect the seasons.  Your customers are unlikely to tell the difference.

Contact us today and see how little it costs to make your premises really stand out in the street.


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