We use plants creatively to enrich

people, places and spaces

Exterior Plant Displays

First impressions.  That’s your visitor’s impressions about your organisation.  It’s so important that your premises are creating the the right message.

It’s often difficult to stand back and question yourself about how your own premises look because you know them so well.  It can be great to get a friend, a member of staff, a customer or a passer-by to give you their opinion.  Or you could ask Benholm.  We’re a company that have been specialising in creating enticing entrances for commercial organisations for over 20 years.

Corporate Exterior Landscaping

Attractive external space is a core contributor to the health and wellbeing of workers and visitors. The landscape is a valuable asset requiring as much attention as the buildings within. Benholm have created impressive exteriors for many top companies and continue to provide grounds maintenance at the highest standards.

Hospitality Venue Exterior Landscaping

Beautiful grounds are central to the appeal of any hotel and critical to attract and retain customers. Benholm create stunning displays to be enjoyed by guests all year round. We maintain exterior landscapes to complement the environment and the character of each venue.

Trees benefit from specialist intervention to ensure they remain healthy and safe. Benholm have a qualified specialist to undertake visual inspections and implement whatever action may be required.

We recognise that the environment must be protected to preserve essential ecosystems and to provide for the wellbeing of future generations. We hold the ISO 14001 accreditation and consistently review operations to ensure clients receive the greenest solution.

Exterior Plants Brochure CTA

Unique and Bespoke Plant Displays

We use a broad range of exterior plant species displayed in a variety of different ways and complimented by some attractive exterior containers to create the effect you need.  Our experience in caring for all types of exterior planters ensures that the effect you require is maintained throughout every season of the year.

Invest in Experience

To further enhance our capabilities we recently bought an Edinburgh-based company called Flowerhire.  This has allowed us to use their skills, experience and industry knowledge in creating and maintaining award-winning hanging baskets and window boxes to offer an enhanced service to a wider area.

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