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Scottish Airports Interior Landscaping Case Study

Newspaper headlines on the Bananas growing at Edinburgh AirportWhen the new main terminal building was first built at Edinburgh Airport we won a competitive tender based on creating the best effect within a set budget.  Our winning solution included attractive planting groups, large 4m high trees, robust metal containers to withstand the high-traffic environment as well a some feature Banana plants in the main entrance atrium.  

"These Banana plants then produced edible bananas to everyone’s surprise and the news hit the national press!"


The running of the contract was very challenging due to the extremely busy environment and stringent security measure.  The proof of the quality of our service was to be awarded the contract for all the Scottish airports 3 years later.  This included Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Over time the plant numbers have been reduced as space has become an increasing issue due to increased footfall and revenue-generating retail opportunities.   However, there is always a requirement for plants to soften these high-traffic areas making them more attractive, provide increased humidity to reduce dust, clean pollutants from the air and to make the travellers’ experience more restful and enjoyable.

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