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Innovative Plant Displays for Interior Designers and Architects

Click here to watch the Nordik Moss video We understand that when you have conceived a vision, and sold it to your client, you must be able to rely on an experienced organisation who can help you to make it a reality.

We have been delivering outstanding plant solutions by creating unique and innovative plant displays for over 20 years primarily in Scotland but also throughout the UK. We love working with visionary people who need our horticultural creativity and expertise to achieve designs unmatched in the industry. We want to make your business stand out; we want people to remember you.

Why Should You Incorporate Greenery Into Your Projects?

You can ‘green up’ your projects making them look even more attractive especially for when your client first sees them. Plants are a great addition that add perceived value to a project, and can show your clients that you have really considered how you are going to improve their environment.

Download a brochure for some fresh inspiration:

⇒  Corporate Office Plant Displays Brochure
⇒  Hospitality Plant Displays Brochure

Your Environment is Important

Plants are a great way to make environments healthier, more comfortable and welcoming. Studies have proved that there are many health benefits of working in a planted environment* and the impact a creative environment has on the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Make sure you’re ahead of the game by ensuring your projects incorporate biophilic design principles.

(*We spent some time looking into this, find out just how much plants can truly help, here.)

Want To Get Really Creative Without The Mess?

Specifying our Enviroculture Planting System for the interior plant displays in your projects can help towards achieving improved ISO 14001 and BREEAM ratings for your clients as it is a peat-free, sustainable system.  Using this system also qualifies your clients for an Environmental Excellence certificate to display in their premises.

This planting system is also totally soil-free making it very clean and pure.  Soil-borne pests and bacteria are eliminated making it suitable for eating areas such as restaurants and hygienic areas such as hospitals and research centres.

Our Recommendations for Interior Plant Displays

One of the planting concepts that is still in its infancy is creative green walls. These can include live, artificial or preserved foliage and the effect they create is stunning. Our range of Nordik Moss Walls is becoming increasingly popular as a creative plant display because of its versatility, its acoustic properties, and its low-maintenance requirements.

Often plants are added as an after-thought by the client once the project has been completed.  We put a lot of effort into trying to help our clients match the style of the building but it is rarely as effective as when the planting is specified as part of the Interior Design scheme.

Planting for corporate/commercial environments normally includes stunning feature plants and unique container styles in areas where there is a need to impress and welcome visitors.  Other areas where staff are working usually include lush, healthy planting schemes to improve staff satisfaction and productivity.

Planting for hospitality environments such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc., usually include really stylish, colourful displays designed to welcome visitors and make them feel comfortable.  Exterior planters are often used for entrance areas and Al Fresco dining and our range of fully maintained seasonal hanging baskets and window boxes are very popular in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland. Want to know more about exterior planters? Just click here.

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Purchase Options

Benholm offers your clients three options for interior plant displays.

 Option 1 – Fully-Maintained Rental

This is the most common option for all planting styles and provides flexibility for future changes.

 Option 2 – Purchase and Maintenance

This options involves an initial capital outlay (which is sometimes better suited when your client is working to a capital budget) and the ongoing cost are therefore lower.

 Option 3 – Purchase only

This option is mainly for artificial options where ongoing maintenance is not required.

We are very happy to work with you if you wish to include a mark-up on your fee or we can simply offer you a commission for the introduction to the customer.

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