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Corporate Office Plants & Reception Area Plant Displays

Benholm has been providing corporate businesses and organisations with professional horticultural expertise for over 20 years. We have developed a strong understanding of the perfect display solution for corporate office plants and reception area plants; with a bespoke and unique approach towards each business place.

We can tailor-make each design, specification and plant display system allowing our expert designers to work closely with your architects and building developers to derive the perfect plant display solution, whether you need plants for the office, reception area or break-out space.

Businesses understand the many benefits of having corporate office plants and reception area plants displays within their buildings; it is becoming increasingly popular, therefore many businesses offer plant displays to corporate organisations. Benholm strives to make every project unique allowing each business to gain maximum first impression benefits from the customers, visitors and employees perception. Staff and visitors experience a far higher ‘feel good’ factor when your offices are enhanced with lush, healthy plant and floral displays.

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Benefits of an Interior Plant to Your Business

Research has shown the benefits of having plants in corporate offices and the increasing benefits it has on staff. Here at Benholm we are constantly pushing the boundaries to develop new methods for enriching the environment in corporate offices and reception areas with modern plant displays and interior landscaping. We are here to help you find the best plants for an office environment.

Increase Business Productivity

Business productivity has been proven to dramatically increase due to the benefits of office plants. Research shows that businesses and organisations can experience a 30% improvement in productivity upon installation of natural living plants. They have a significant impact on the psychological and cognitive functions of the human mind.

How Do They Increase Productivity?

The plants naturally act as a filtering system, clearing the air of dust particles and carbon dioxide, and producing fresh oxygen to permeate the air flow in the office. This supply of fresh oxygen refreshes the human mind allowing 15% more innovative and creative ideas.

image of interior workspace with 2 potted office plants    image of a silver vase on an orange background

Improve Employee Motivation and Well-being

Employees work harder and are proven to become more loyal when working in an environment that enriches their surroundings. Having a pleasant working environment establishes a feel good factor that encourages staff to feel more confident and encourage quality and control of their work. It decreases unhappiness leading to decreased resentment and staff turnover.

Plants such as Spathiphyllum wallisii aka the Peace Lily have a powerful feature that absorbs high frequency sounds, the most distracting to humans and improves air quality. In an office space where computers and technology dominate the work space and outside noises and air pollution flood through the windows, high frequency levels and low-quality air dramatically increase and therefore a sustainable solution such as the peace lily will productively enhance the employees’ well-being.

Visit our blog section on Which Plants Are Best For Cleaning Office Air for more information.

Augment Business Perception

A key importance to everyday work is the environment you work in. Unique and professional plant displays allow businesses to affordably promote these qualities. It allows employees to feel more important, to feel pride in where they work and helps convert potential employee applicants. A business that attracts more applicants tends to grow a stronger workforce and therefore plays an incredible part on the business production levels.


The recommended plants for offices are based on the ability to improve air quality, sound absorption, employee/staff motivation and well-being benefits.  And they are designed to compliment and enhance the interior design/decor.

image of workspace with a yellow vase    image showing a plan in an orange vase inside an office

Purchase Options

Corporate offices and reception areas can benefit from effective and world-class interior landscaping for affordable and sustainable prices no matter the size of the business. We operate in Scotland, around Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow to supply, deliver and maintain affordable industry leading interior plant displays for corporate offices, reception areas and meeting rooms.

Benholm offer you three options for installing the best plants for office environments.

Option 1 – Fully-Maintained Rental

This is the most common option for corporate office planting.  You have no capital outlay and it provides flexibility for future changes.

Option 2 – Purchase and Maintenance

This options involves an initial capital outlay (which is sometimes better suited when you are working to a capital budget – e.g. for a refurbishment) and the ongoing regular costs are therefore lower.

Option 3 – Purchase only

This option is mainly for artificial planting or for situations where an ongoing maintenance service is not required.

Why Should You Invest

• Visually plants are pleasing, especially interior office plants as they stand out in the office environment

• Plants contribute to wholesome humidity levels, which is important in offices which can otherwise be quite dry

• Plants help to clear toxins from the air, which matters in an office where there are lots of people and computers


A University study using groups with or without plants showed that:

• Plants helped people to produce 15% more innovations and ideas

• Health problems were 25% fewer when plants were present

• Reaction times improved by 12% in the group with plants

• Plants helped to reduce VDU eyestrain


That’s why so many companies choose to have plants in their office buildings, and it’s why we at Benholm Group strive to be the suppliers of the best plants for offices.

We know how important it is for you to have plants which are always at their best, so your offices always look and feel great.


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