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Special Trees Donated To Local School

17 Mar 2016

Benholm Group, specialists in all aspects of exterior and interior landscaping, were pleased to donate 24 mature trees to a local school.

These trees were not just ordinary 4m tall Pyrus Chanticleer trees!  These were the actual trees used for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games to enhance the Athletes Village - read more about this exciting Case Study here.  Or you can download a pdf version here.

This well-respected independent school does not receive funding from the Government and relies heavily on donations for capital projects.  They had a requirement for some mature trees along the perimeter to comply with council planning stipulations and these trees provided an ideal solution.

A recent school newsletter extract reads:

"The trees and beech hedging have now been planted as many would already have seen. These were part of the requirement to conform to the planning stipulation however I’m sure all would agree that they greatly enhance the appearance of the school. The great bonus was that the trees along the front were gifted by BENHOLM, so a very big “Thank You".

You can read a letter that was recieved from the Head Teacher here

The team at Benholm Group are delighted that the trees that starred in one of the most significant sporting events in Scotland, should have a permanent home in a location that supports the education of young people in Central Scotland.

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